That transfer really tied the passing offense together.

One other thing from Smart’s presser yesterday worth noting:

Do you see Ahkil Crumpton contributing as much as a receiver as you foresee as a return specialist?

‘’Blessing in disguise, because he’s really run great routes. He’s really good in and out of breaks. He’s got great hands, big hands for a small guy. He snatches the ball out of the air. He plucks it. He’s done a really good job. The tough thing is, he’s in competition with Mecole (Hardman) some, Terry (Godwin) some, Mark Webb has worked in the slot some. So his specialty is returning, but he’s not a one-trick guy. The guy goes in there and does really well. I’ll tell you what now, he is physical and feisty. He doesn’t mind getting up in there and blocking and competing. He gets slung around sometimes, but it’s the fight in him that I’ve really enjoyed.”

I don’t want to read too much into that, but it’s beginning to sound like Georgia may have some viable options — note the use of the plural there — in the slot, which may in turn explain some of the rationale behind Smart’s pleasure in seeing Godwin contribute out wide.  If Godwin’s blocking has improved to the point of viability, I don’t think I need to tell you that it’s a plus if he can take an outside spot that went to guys last season who were valued more for their blocking than their receiving skills.


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26 responses to “That transfer really tied the passing offense together.

  1. CVegas Dawg

    I see it the opposite way. It scares me that a short guy that transferred in is making this much progress, potentially climbing the depth chart. WR has been a problem for us and this seems to reinforce that. But i am pessimistic. I hope I am wrong.



    I’ve been telling y’all, Kirby is on it.


  3. St. Johns Dawg

    Hope for improvement, but I gotta see it when the lights come on. Pretty sure guys were catching the ball and running great routes in August 2016. Real question is do we have clutch performances when it counts. Really hope so.


    • Greg

      Seen a prediction the other day of 6 and 6, it would not surprise me…nor would 10 wins. Thinks that the QB play is the biggest key to the season…agree, too many unknowns.


      • HamDawg11

        6-6???? I’ll eat my hat if we go 6-6. I’m a realistic guy, but 6-6 would mean the team has imploded. I can’t find 5 losses on our sked, much less 6…and that’s being conservative. I think 11 is the ceiling and 8 is the cellar. I like the fact that very few talking heads are talking positive about UGA’s offense and skill position players. I hope the boys take those snubs and use them as a chip on their shoulder and go out to prove people wrong.

        If the D can play similar to last year between the 20’s and improve red zone stops just slightly, then I think we’ll be a tough out in 17.


        • dubyadee

          I like to think of myself as a realist, but I am probably more of a pessimist. Even I think 6 wins would be an unmitigated disaster. Only reason I could think of for that would be if injuries took us to the third string at QB or some other crazy fluke.

          HamDawg’s 8-11 win range is fair, but if we don’t have 9 wins this year, it will have been a bad season, and I will be very worried about Smart’s ability to right the ship. 10 would be okay. 11 would be good. If the stars align and the ball bounces our way, who knows what could happen.


    • Dawg1

      Actually coaches were complaining about the drops spring and fall ’16. It kept up LL season, one of our worst for WRs in years.


    • Hal Welch

      Actually Kirby has always been pretty pessimistic about our skill guys worth the exception of Chubb.

      For him to be heaping praise is really striking to me.


  4. Getting a random transfer at the last minute to be a return specialist is the kind of roster management that UGA has needed. Now, he is proving to be viable in the WR rotation. I think playing with a full deck will have its advantages… or at least mitigate the self-imposed disadvantages of yesteryear.


  5. Jack Burton

    You could’ve told me you were making this post before my comment on the previous post 😜


  6. I hope Crumpton can really play when the lights come on. Stepping up against SEC competition in front of 90,000 is a little different than playing at a JUCO with fewer people in the stands than the local high school game.


  7. Uglydawg

    Can’t believe there are no “beyond Crumpton” jokes yet.