I got ‘yer transfer right here.

Chip Towers points out that Kirby’s hitting for a pretty high average when it comes to bringing in transfers who contribute.  The way it’s looking, he’s not just getting added depth, he’s getting some excellent quality.

Ahkil Crumpton, J.R. Reed, Cameron Nizialek and David Marvin.

These four members of the Georgia football team have two things in common: (1) They are transfers; (2) each of them may end up starting for the Bulldogs this fall.

Second-year Georgia coach Kirby Smart has a reputation for being an exceptional recruiter, and rightly so as the Bulldogs have closed on back-to-back Top 10 classes under his guidance. But not included in those rankings are players who are transferring from other schools. And while it is very common for schools to add to their rosters in that manner these days, it’s unusual to get what might be four starters via that route.

Of the four, Reed has been the most pleasant surprise, not just to me, but to his head coach.

“I didn’t know what we were getting,” Smart said of accepting Reed’s transfer. “I knew he was a really good athlete. I knew he was fast. We didn’t know much. We just heard from his coaches and they all said he was a good player. We were deficient in that area and he’s turned out to be probably the best decision we’ve made from the standpoint of transfers, junior college players.

“That was a huge get for us because we’re struggling a little bit right now in the secondary from a standpoint of depth. And he’s made it where we’ve got five guys we can play with right now. Without him we might be four or less. So, he’s done a good job.”

With the news about Malkom Parrish’s injury, Reed’s presence might be an even bigger deal now.



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  1. Macallanlover

    No question those look to be valuable pick-ups for UGA this year, a couple of them could be real difference makers. Staff seems very alert as they comb the country for good fits in areas that need shoring up. I was surprised that Kirby said he didn’t know what he was getting in Reed, and that they didn’t know much. Seems he is understating their research, hard to find a piece of gold just waiting for your phone to ring and tell you to check your mail box.

    From all reports Reed hit the ground running and made an immediate impression, don’t know why he is downplaying this find, the scholarships were thought to be tight; you wouldn’t take a shot in the dark at that point. Someone on that immense support staff did some real work, or had a network contact that paid off, give the man some public love.


    • Deangelo Gibbs had a little to do with it as well. I believe they are cousins.


      • Macallanlover

        Yes, I think that played a role in getting him, and probably helped uncover him initially, but I was just uncomfortable in the way KS phrased it. Seemed a little cavalier with handing out a scholly to someone and being shocked to see they actually could perform. I wanted Gibbs but not sure I would have paid an extra scholarship for him with Ken Blankenship having me in his cross hairs. 🙂 Anyway, glad to have Reed on board and like the use of scholarships to transfers to fill in the pieces.


  2. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    Thinking back to last year, Maurice Smith was a huge success. Catalina was a success, too, in the sense that even though he got exposed a lot we didn’t have anyone who could beat him out. No telling how bad it might have been without him.

    For this group, it’s too early to know – they haven’t played a game yet – but it looks good right now.


  3. Irwin R. Fletcher

    Isn’t Reed the son of NFL WR Jake Reed? A man who played HS ball in Covington, went to Grambling for school, and ended up in Minnesota via a draft pick that was part of the Herschel trade with Dallas. Someone get Seth on that thing….there is definitely a long form story that is waiting to be written.

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  4. Cojones

    Went looking for injuries at DonBest.com yesterday and UGA wasn’t even listed. Those with no injuries just listed a QB or special player and said “none” in the injuries column. Went back this afternoon looking for Parrish and UGA was listed now, but only one name; Jacob Eason. The injury column says “none”. Whew!

    Yesterday I was looking to inform the Senator that he and the local media aren’t the only ones getting info-stiffed. Hell, yesterday UGA didn’t even make the list of schools for injury and today, with known injuries, the QB is listed as having no injuries. Great info coming out of B-M that’s really gonna screw up the picks this year.