Tennessee, I’m not sure you’re doing this slogan thing correctly.

Forget Booch for a minute and check out this metaphor:

Before the start of preseason camp, Kelly compared the Vols to a “snake in the grass” and said that “our goal is to end up biting somebody at the end of the day and making them pay.” Taylor made a similar reference in describing Tennessee’s underdog approach.

“I feel like we’re laying in the grass waiting to strike,” Taylor said. “Our team isn’t talked about as much now. I feel like we’re just waiting for our opportunity to shine.”

Gentlemen, I am not sure that phrase means what you think it means.  Feel free to knock yourselves out with it, though.


UPDATE:  Another whiff.


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22 responses to “Tennessee, I’m not sure you’re doing this slogan thing correctly.

  1. Granthams replacement

    Booch got it from Hugh Freeze


  2. Dawg19

    “We’re like a bear in the woods. And you all know what a bear does in the woods.”


  3. Red Cup

    A motivational stone!


  4. Got Cowdog

    Orange is the new dumbass.


  5. AugustaDawg

    “You know, it’s like I think we just missed the boat. And boats sink and we ain’t no sinking ship. At the end of the day we not playing with a full deck you know? It’s just a small porch or patio if you will, we gotta keep building that thing. We don’t want the whole 9 yards because it takes 10 for a first down last time I checked.”


  6. BigD

    Johnny Majors approves this message…


  7. AusDawg85

    The “Opportunity is Nowhere” legacy continues.


  8. Bulldog Joe

    “I keed.” “I keed.”

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    I have no issues with their dog.


  10. Ben

    With the way they’ve betrayed their fanbase these past few years, I’d say that’s about right.