“It’s a new Trent.”

Not only is Trent Thompson back, he’s remarkably self-assured for someone who went through a tough offseason.

At Georgia’s first preseason scrimmage, Thompson was a defensive standout who repeatedly made things difficult on the run game. Thompson appears much more confident in himself now than he was in previous years at this time.

“I know the system in and out,” Thompson said. “I know the calls. I know when to pull, I know how to hold my gaps better. I know how to let my linebackers make plays than me trying to do much. I’m not saying I overdo it but I don’t need to miss tackles. I can assist.”

Thompson believes he belongs on a football field with his teammates. Being away while injured wasn’t easy. But it served as a motivational tool.

“I focus on the weight room more, I focus on getting stronger instead of picking up weight,” Thompson said. “I stay lean. I stay with (strength and conditioning coordinator Scott) Sinclair to make sure I get extra running in because I know he’s going to get me faster. I trust what he does for the team.”

Marc Weiszer reports that Trent’s lost a little weight, but in a good way.

The 6-foot-4 junior is a little lighter at 300 pounds but says he may be quicker off the ball.

“He brings a tremendous amount of energy to the field,” defensive coordinator Mel Tucker said. “He is very, very destructive and runs to the ball. He is very consistent in that matter.

Tucker sounds pretty pleased there.

What’s most exciting to me is that for all his ailments last season, Thompson still managed to be impressive, third on the team in tackles with 56, first in tackles for loss and tied for the team lead with five sacks.  Now he feels good physically.

“It feels good to get my shoulders right, my back, my ankles. I feel much better than I did last year,” Thompson said. “I think just having time to myself to get my mind right so I can focus on the team.”

Imagine what he might be capable of in 2017.



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18 responses to ““It’s a new Trent.”

  1. With a good, healthy season, Trent will be a top 10 pick next April. Athletic DTs with size like him don’t grow on trees.

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  2. Hillbilly Dawg

    “Very destructive”….he said that…muy bueno.

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  3. dawgtired

    Great news! This is the type of thing that should be a wake-up call for some of us, when we start to condemn this kids for not being where we think they should be ‘game-wise’. Sometimes you just don’t know what they’ve been through. I’m guilty of that.
    Trent, Ledbetter, Atkins, Smith and Natrez…running between the tackles should be difficult for our opponents. Dawg Porn!! I’m gonna need a minute alone boys. 😉


  4. Russ

    Hope he has a great season and that he’s got his problems behind him. Seems like a good kid.


  5. Skeptic Dawg

    Man oh man do I hope that this is not just happy talk! Far too many off-seasons have been filled with just such talk about this player catching everything, that player denying every pass attempt, or another player dominating his given position group, only to watch said player falter during the season. If Thompson is anywhere as dominant throughout the course of the season as he was during the bowl game we should be in for a real treat. However, Georgia football history tells me that I should temper my excitement.


    • MGW

      Tempered excitement is for Bama fans. There the only ones who can reasonably reserve judgment on a team until after the national title. I’m drinking that koolaid. Funneling it. I’ll have a hell of a lot more fun than all of y’all.


  6. Derek

    The best player we’ve got. Good to see him at full speed.

    Too bad about Malkom though. That may hurt us if he’s not back by October.


    • I hope we get him back for Miss St. I’ve sort of pencilled into my mind that he’s for at least three games (which is around 6 weeks). I have no clue what the break was, though.


    • dawgman3000

      Agreed. Malkom is one of the best open field takling cb’s I’ve seen. Hopefully no one else gets hurt in the defensive backfield because according to Kirby, we’re good talent wise, but short on experience.


  7. AusDawg85

    I really want to see Kirby deliver a top SEC D…the O will work itself out with all of that talent, but last’s years RZ performance is the type of thing that just can’t be repeated. Focus on the D and let Chaney deal with Eason.


    • Russ

      My optimism is based on a strong defense out of the gate and the offense finding it’s legs through the season. I think the RZ performance of the defense will be much improved (it can’t be worse, right?) and we’ll cut down on the big plays. Hopefully, the defense can make some big plays/scoring plays to help the offense.


  8. W Cobb Dawg

    Thompson is the anchor of what should be a very tough DL. No shortage of depth and experience with Atkins, Muckle-Hawkins, Ledbetter, Marshall, Clark, Carter, et. al.

    Nobody compares with bama on D. But our D should be in top 10 territory in cfb. Top 5 with good coaching.

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  9. Chad Thompson

    thats great to hear. the guy was a beast all season, but I would love to see what 12 games of bowl game trent looks like.

    could be an all timer.


  10. Ace

    I’m about read for a First Team All American on defense again. Maybe Trent and Roquan can pull it off together if the UGA defense reaches the dominant status we all hope for.


  11. Macallanlover

    Not fake juice indeed. We are all confident in Trent’s ability but it seems this off season was a wake call for him. He really sounds like someone is on the verge of another level. This is a “contract year” for him, if he remains healthy.

    Based on Tucker’s assessment of him this fall it may also be a good indicator about our OL. The scrimmage last Saturday was more about passing but there was some concern about us not being able to run the ball well. It could be that our defensive front is the stiffest test our OL will face all season, and they are training against a challenge every day of practice. Cannot do anything but help. Not minimizing that it must be proven on the field against folks in other uniforms but good for us to keep in mind that this front 7 is capable of shutting down everyone’s running game so we shouldn’t over react to difficulties in springing backs regularly in August regardless of how talented our RBs are.


  12. Jt (the other one)

    He is mentally tough. He played with two torn labrums last season. The fact his is back and making plays is HUGE for us. IF the other DLmen can produce…I don’t see anyone running on us. We might (potential thing…) have the best front 3-7 in the nation w/depth.

    One other thing…the player in the NFL he reminds me of…Gerald McCoy. They are almost exact measurements. McCoy is 6’4 300 and is lighting quick with his first step off the ball. He disrupts the OL.

    When is the last time we had a disruptor on the DL? Sullivan IMO.

    We stay healthy this could be a special season.