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It just means more.

As long as when you’re talking about “it”, you don’t mean the SEC’s non-conference scheduling.

No conference takes it easier in nonconference play year after year than the SEC.  Last year, the Big Ten outdid the SEC when it came to scheduling the most home games, but the SEC never stays down for long and has reclaimed that crown.  The SEC is playing a full 75 percent of its nonconference games at home.

The league is also playing the smallest percentage of true road games (just nine out of 56 games) and the greatest percentage of games against FCS competition.  The SEC just missed playing the smallest percentage of games against other Power Five teams.

Another annual characteristic of SEC nonconference schedules is that, when teams do play away from home, even in neutral-site games, they rarely leave the South.  Only three SEC teams will play games out of its home region: Georgia at Notre Dame, Texas A&M at UCLA and Ole Miss at Cal.  The Bulldogs are the only SEC team playing two games away from home, which is also very unusual.

At least the Dawgs have that going for them.  The rest is just the usual exercise in protection.  As long as the current postseason system enables it, the conference will keep going on its merry way with it, too.



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