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Heckuva job, Indiana.

This is quite the screw up.

Enjoy your unplanned redshirt season, kid.



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Junior’s machine

You think your school’s had an eventful offseason?  Brother, check out Florida Atlantic’s.

Can the Laner hold it all together?  If not, the flame out ought to be spectacular.


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It’s scrimmage time again.

Georgia is set for its second scrimmage today, and it sounds like the defense has to adjust to Malkom Parrish’s absence and the offense has to adjust to Isaiah Wynn’s return.

The scuttlebutt appears to be that the defense had the upper hand in the first scrimmage (and throughout preseason camp, for that matter), so I’ll be curious to hear if the two personnel changes have much of an effect.


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It’s for Harbaugh to know and you to find out.

Media files FOIA request to see Michigan’s roster.

Michigan answers with a legal request seeking an additional 10 business days to respond.

“Due to the large number of requests currently being processed by this office, it will not be possible to respond to your request within the five-day period accorded by the Michigan Freedom of Information Act. However, under Section 5 (2) (d) of the Act, the University is permitted to extend the deadline for not more than 10 business days beyond the initial due date. The University will respond to your request on or before August 25, 2017.”

Greg McGarity thinks they’re doing it all wrong.


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Hang in there.


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“Houston, I have a problem.”

A day on the road with Hugh Freeze.


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