“But Rod’s kicking off real well.”

Why do I have this mental image of Ken Blankenship’s finger hovering over Kirby Smart’s number in his speed dial?


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7 responses to ““But Rod’s kicking off real well.”

  1. Greg

    Hopefully his Dad has learned from all of this….he just needs to stay out of it. Got to be a little embarrassing for his kid as well.


  2. Hank

    What did the article say? I’ve apparently used my 5 free ones.


  3. Athens Dog

    Based on what I saw of Jake Carmada yesterday, he won’t have to worry about next year………..


    • Macallanlover

      True, excited about him for next year, especially as a punter. I am mystified about where Hot Rod acquired the extra leg strength, but happy for him if it is fr real. Nice kid, Dad ain’t a fave of mine (or Kirby’s I suspect.)


  4. mdcgtp

    Why do I get the feeling Kirby has Ken’s number blocked?