Dawg class

I saw this exchange last night.  If you haven’t, you should, too.


Best of all, McGarity didn’t feel the need to add his two cents and spoil the moment.




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14 responses to “Dawg class

  1. Greg

    Class…… GO DAWGS!!


  2. Chi-town Dawg

    Whether you love CMR or hate him, think he should’ve been fired or not, there’s no doubt he’s a first class act all the way. DGD

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    • The people who hate the guy need to examine themselves in the mirror.

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      • DawgByte

        Couldn’t agree more. It says a lot a about a person who doesn’t like Mark Richt. Mark will always have a little Dawg inside his heart. I would love to see him return to UGA as our Athletic Director. I think he’d do a fantastic job… great ambassador for our sports.

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        • I figured this thread would bring out the people who normally read Sports & Grits.


          • Mike Cooley

            Sports & Grits is now defunct. After the firing there was honestly no need for them anymore. C.C. Rider’s posts became more and more infrequent to the point that he eventually just faded away altogether. There was some guy named Chuck that they brought in to give the thing a bit less of a lopsided, one dimensional tone but it was over by then. I remember reading one particular post of his tagged as having been made at 1:30am. It started, “It’s late and nobody reads this anyway.”. C.C.’s humor was worth a read to me but once Richt was gone it was over.


  3. Way to go, guys! I would love to see the two of them on opposing sidelines for a big game in January in Atlanta. A man can wish, can’t he? #DGDs


  4. Aladawg

    Give him time. He’ll say something stupid.


  5. Debby Balcer

    A class act and a DGD. I hope we never play Miami it would be a lose lose situation.