“It’s not doomsday.”

Okay, it’s not like you can call the season off because Malkom Parrish is hurt, but when you have this to say about someone who got a lot of first-team work at yesterday’s practice…

“He’s gotten a lot of better,” Smart said. “He started the spring in what I call a rat trap, all over the place. He runs anywhere and does anything. You never knew what he was going to do.”

Smart said LeCounte probably understands “50-60 percent” of what he needs to do on defense. Smart hopes LeCounte can improve that to 90-100 percent so that he won’t have to constantly rely on Sanders to know what he needs to do on every play.

“When he has to make all the decisions, he struggles sometimes,” Smart said. “He’s growing up. He practices hard, and he’s physical. I’m glad he was here in the spring so he could be where he is now.”

… things aren’t exactly optimal.

All I can say is that I sincerely hope the front seven is as dominant as it can be, to take whatever heat off the secondary it can until Parrish’s return.  Well, that, and I’m glad Grantham isn’t the defensive coordinator.  I don’t think I could take another rerun of the green, lost defense of 2013.



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3 responses to ““It’s not doomsday.”

  1. Greg

    The kid is gonna be special imo. Depth and talent on front 4, just need to pin their ears back and bring it. Back 3 (backers) are deep and talented as well. GO DAWGS!


  2. Macallanlover

    We will make some mistakes in the secondary this year regardless, but losing Parrish was a blow and forced our hand early. I like LeCounte and feel his attitude will inspire us so that is a plus,he is a hitter at Safety and will jar some balls loose, but no doubt our CB is the only weak spot on the defense, and it just got weaker (temporarily). The plus is we might get Tucker to play the front 7 more aggressively this season by turning them loose on blitzes to provide some cover as they grow. Last year we were too reactive up front for my tastes, no reason to not bring the heat if you have some exposure in the defensive backfield. Still like this defense but the ND game just got riskier if Parrish isn’t 100%.


  3. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    Maybe Kirby is saying that to take a little pressure off the kid. At least that’s what I’m hoping. I’ll say this: at least twice I’ve seen him make a mistake, but each time his physical ability allowed him to recover in time. I’d rather he was seasoned and smart, but I’ll settle for gifted right now.