“The goal for us is to get the best five in the best five spots.”

If the season starts off with the offensive line looking like senior Isaiah Wynn at left tackle, redshirt sophomore Pat Allen at left guard, junior Lamont Gaillard at center, redshirt freshman Solomon Kindley at right guard and freshman Andrew Thomas at right tackle, how likely do you think it is that it ends up that way by season’s end?



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7 responses to ““The goal for us is to get the best five in the best five spots.”

  1. We got a lot more size walking around on campus these days, why not use em? I’m game.


  2. Dave

    Not very. To use the NFL as a barometer, though, O-Linemen have, for the most part, settled into that 305-320lb. range. It’s interesting to me to see us potentially (if Kindley, Thomas, Wilson, and next year or later this year N. Johnson or Shaffer) trotting out several 340lb.-ish guys.

    If nothing else, though, you’d have to think that will help in short-yardage situations and hopefully getting our backs at least a little bit of daylight to work with.


  3. DawgByte

    This OL concerns me, period. For the life of me I don’t know why more people aren’t concerned about Wynn at LT. He is not a natural LT and his performance in 2016 left a lot to be desired. Allen is way undersized at LG, so it’s my hope Pittman takes a page out of the Gator OL playbook (both squads suffering from poor recruiting and lack of OL talent) by sliding Wilson in at LG 3 games into the season in preparation for him being the starting LT in 2018. That’s precisely what the Gators did with Martez Ivey. Currently, all our size and beef is on the right side.

    I don’t see this rotation lasting the season.

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  4. W Cobb Dawg

    IDK, we rarely saw Allen and didn’t see KIndley at all last year. WTF were we holding them out for? One would think they could’ve gained valuable experience. Perennial part time starter Sims, who has had plenty of playing time, beat out by 3 inexperienced players for a starting spot. The odd workings of Pittman continue in 2017…


    • What about Bob

      It’s simple. Solomon Kindley got hurt early on which put him behind the 8 ball as a true freshman. Kirby said he would have played more if he had not gotten hurt.

      Allen wasn’t able to beat out and win a start or playing time last year as a redshirt freshman. A year later and another year in the S&C and in Pittman’s system, he is practicing better.j

      I don’t understand why some people think the coaches are not playing the best players and are holding them back for some imaginary reason that they concoct or read elsewhere on some other fan message board


  5. OhioDawg

    Right now, barring injuries of course, the only thing I would predict changing from that by season’s end would be Isaiah Wilson replacing Pat Allen at LG.


    • Minnesota Dawg

      Agree. Either Wilson at LG…or perhaps this is the spot where Cleveland eventually lands.
      Think Sims is our first back-up option at tackle, but only if one of the starters (Wynn or Thomas) is out.