2017 Preseason Coaches All-SEC Football Team

The lists are out.

Georgia has three players on each of the first and second teams and two on the third.  Alabama, for comparison sake, has nine on the first team alone.  Still got some catching up to do, Kirby.


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5 responses to “2017 Preseason Coaches All-SEC Football Team


    He trying.


  2. Wow. Bellamy left off entirely? He topped all returning SEC edge defenders with his 21 stops in run defense in 2016.I hope that fuels the fire for him.

    Will be interesting to see how that list shapes up after the season is over 😉

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  3. Russ

    Not bad for a bunch of no-talent bums. 😉


  4. UGA85

    Again, I don’t get the fascination with Bama this year. Dabo has shown that “lesser programs” can beat them. And our measuring stick this year needs to be Florida, not Bama. We don’t even play Bama this year, most likely, unless we beat Florida, who basically has owned us. So why not look at Florida more and let the Bama thing go? We can’t get the cart before the horse.


  5. Sanford222view

    Surprised Bellamy, Natrez Patrick, and Sony didn’t make it.