Hot and not-so-hot

The Las Vegas Sun looks at six college teams to bet on and six to bet against.  With regard to the latter,

Georgia Tech

The Yellow Jackets return an ACC Coastal division-high 16 starters off a team that finished last season with four straight wins including upsets over Virginia Tech and Georgia. That means they should be great, right? Not quite. Georgia Tech was extremely fortunate to go 9-4 last year. It went 3-1 in games decided by less than a touchdown, and ranked sixth in the nation in recovering 66 percent of fumbles. Those are both red flags where some regression should be expected. Odds-wise, Georgia Tech starts the season behind divisional rivals Miami and Virginia Tech but ahead of North Carolina and Pittsburgh. It’s debatable at best that the Yellow Jackets are better than the Tar Heels and Panthers.

Hopefully, it’s not debatable that the Jackets aren’t better than Georgia.

On a related note, this seems like a good time for my weekly reminder to those of you who still haven’t signed up for the Fabris Pool to do so now.  The invite link is right here.


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7 responses to “Hot and not-so-hot

  1. Russ

    Pound the nerds.

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  2. Macallanlover

    No one has argued the jackets’ side of that debate in many, many years. Annoying, but no longer substantial. When will the NCAA, so concerned with player safety (sic), outlaw the cut block. Shame their opponents have to spend practice time teaching their DL personnel how to protect themselves in an upcoming game against the mickey mouse offense?


  3. bulldogbry

    finally some regression talk I can get behind….

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  4. Cojones

    Senator, when attempting to sign up last week, the site didn’t accept my old password, but when I went to change it, I tried signing in on the password change page. It worked and I never changed my password, but the opening page has yet to accept it in four attempts. It just says it doesn’t recognize the person. Whassup?


    • Trbodawg

      Last year I had a similar problem. I think it stems from the difference in your email and sign on (or user) names. The front page wants one, the direct link the other. Not sure which is which. I just keep trying things till it works. Never did figure out the ‘right’ way.


  5. 69Dawg

    What’s that old saying Tech has a “schematic advantage” with the triple option. You can not get ready for it in one week but you should be able to get ready for it over time if you have to face it every year. Kirby knows that if he has trouble beating GT he will not be long for the job. Jim Donnan would have lasted a lot longer if he could have just beat GT. The defense of the triple option requires that every defensive player play their assignments. This is not as easy as it seems because a lot of defensive players are free lancers. That why you see us having a hard time setting the edge on a regular offensive team. It will be interesting to see if Kirby can adjust his defense to stop Tech. We best hope that Tech’s QB can’t throw the ball down field. If he can Tech becomes lethal. I still marvel at how Tech gets WR’s at all. By the way for whatever reason Mark’s teams had really great success against them.


  6. Got Cowdog

    I had a meeting with some of our technical staff this morning. I have never discussed CFB with them. My office is non-denominational, don’t even have family pictures. They (3) walked in and the FIRST THING they said was “Go Jackets”. I pointed out that tech fans are like skunks: The only people that can stand to be around tech fans are other tech fans. Of course some matters of pride were wagered. Come on Kirby, don’t let me down!