Fran opens his mouth.

Hilarity ensues.

“Everybody’s talking about Jacob Eason,” he said of the Bulldogs’ sophomore and incumbent starter. “Seems like a nice guy. All you heard about him when Mark Richt brought him in is, ‘ah, he’s 6-foot-5, 240 pounds, he’s got a cannon arm, he can throw it 100 yards down the field.  [Emphasis added.]

The weakest part of Eason’s game is that Richt recruited him.

It’s stuff like this that almost makes me sympathize with Greg McGarity.  Almost.


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  1. Got Cowdog

    Tarkenton was one of my heroes when I was a kid. A little guy playing a big guy’s game, tough and smart. Not sure I would want to hang out with him now. WTF was his beef with Richt?


  2. Aladawg

    He’s just a wore out old man that wants to have “influence”.
    Pretty sorry to do to your alma mater at this point.


    • McTyre

      You aptly described the donor demographic afflicting our athletic dept .
      . . .

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    • Olddawg 55

      Liked his brother Dallas much more than Francis…I predicted he wouldn’t make it thru first pro game…oh, well, I was wrong then but still think he’s full of himself and should stfu about Georgia football!


  3. ““You know, he’s got a little bit of the ‘it factor.’ Right?” Tarkenton said of Fromm. “He doesn’t have the big body that the other guy has, doesn’t have the big arm that the other guy has, but he’s got that intangible thing that should help him figure things out. He’s a leader; the team responds; he’s prepared.”

    Isn’t this what our resident trolls said about Faton Bauta? I don’t know if Fromm is Aaron Murray, but I still would rather see him as a 4th year junior than as a true freshman.


  4. I think we have seen the last Tarkenton interview granted to Dip Shit Towers.


  5. Jack Klompus

    Guessing he watches those games in solitude because nobody wants to watch with him.


  6. RandallPinkFloyd

    Senator, I think Fran follows your blog. His handle is DustyJ. Congrats, I guess.

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  7. Ole Dokes

    Good grief…been waiting on you to tee this one up Senator. It has now been confirmed our J. Reid Parker Director of Athletics graduated from the Francis A. Tarkenton School of Public Relations. I think all of Fran’s botox & plastic surgery has gotten to him. Maybe he’s had too much “solitude” in his basement lair (or maybe he was locked in there by the housekeeper). Guy is a true embarrassment to the University every time he opens his mouth these days…


    • 79DawgatWork

      He is simply emblematic of all the old guys who ran Coach Richt off, just so they could chase one last shot glory before they die, no matter the cost – this is simply further confirmation of their delusion and why it was a mistake for McGarity to take them seriously…


  8. Red Cup

    Fran is an ass. Watching alone because he has no friends if you ask me


  9. W Cobb Dawg

    Fran left out the most convincing part of the argument. Eason’s hair is too long!


  10. Russ

    Sad. I’d rather remember Fran on the field, than for running his mouth 35 years past his prime.


  11. PTC DAWG

    Not sure why many so called good Dawgs are so anti Eason.. I wish all our players well.


  12. JCDAWG83

    I won’t argue that Fran is not the most likable or tactful person but I’m not sure he said anything about Eason that isn’t true. I’d say, at this point, none of our rivals are particularly scared of facing Eason. I hope he improves a great deal this season but, last season he didn’t show much in the way of being any sort of star qb.

    His Fromm comments were pretty general. I didn’t read anything that was particularly objectionable. Based solely on GDay, Fromm did look more polished and in control but he was facing the #2 defense.


    • Macallanlover

      Yeah, I usually find myself on the opposite side of most of his stances, but I am afraid he is right on with this one….unless we see a very different Eason this fall. I understand that many UGA fans are all built up about Eason because of the star rating, the big arm, the physical frame, etc., but how do you overlook the performance on the field and the lack of progression throughout the season? You cannot excuse that in games 7 and deeper, he isn’t a raw freshman at that point. I truly hope he defies the odds and shows a totally new look next week and throughout September.

      Regardless of that, there is no debating his other point, you have to play Fromm and have him ready to step in if Eason doesn’t get it done, or if he goes down with an injury. It would be reckless to not give him some time, especially with a game in hand and we should have that occur during the first month. We have two top talents playing QB, have them both prepared, this is a big season for UGA. I don’t care about it being #10, or #11, we need better QB play, someone who can distribute the ball to the best choice and hit open receivers. Even Fran gets that.


    • Mayor

      If you don’t have any blocking and don’t have any receivers who can catch what are you supposed to do?eEverybody needs to get off Eason’s back, especially Fran.


    • Sanford222view

      And several walk-ons in the secondary.


  13. Skeptic Dawg

    “But can he play?” That’s the 64 million dollar question, ain’t Fran. We all are waiting to see if the kid can “play”. He sure a glimpse or two last season, but Eason was just never able to put a string of games, or series for that matter, together to really answer the question. I hope that kid throws for 4,000 yards with a 10:1 TD/INT ration. Ok, I will settle for a 2,000 yard season and a 4:1 ratio.


    • 69Dawg

      I think it depends on whether the HC and OC take off the mental handcuffs. You know the kid was drilled with don’t screw up. When they keep telling you to not screw up you play not to screw up. It was telling that in the Missouri Game and the UT game when all was lost he played his best. That was when Kirby/Chaney released the kid to do his thing since it was all or nothing. I also think the fan base would be feeling totally different about him if Kirby and the defense had not lost the UT game in 10 seconds flat.


  14. 69Dawg

    Fran is just wishing he had been as much of a physical monster as the Kid. Loved to watch him scramble but his coach Norm Van Brocklan (sp) hated it. He usually scrambled because he couldn’t see over his offensive line. He Kelley and Marino were great QB’s that could not win the Super Bowl, I guess it wears on him later in life.


  15. Fran Tarkenton is a pile of shit that needs to go away


  16. 81Dog

    I’m a bit nonplussed at Fran’s dig that “Mark Richt brought (Eason) in.” Was CMR in charge of UGA football in February, 2016? No? I’m pretty sure the current HC made continuing the recruitment of Eason a priority once he was hired. He didn’t have to sign Eason.

    I guess Fran is correct in the sense that Eason has to show some growth in his overall game to be a top flight QB, but that isn’t exactly breathtakingly astute analysis, is it? As a guy who played at the top level 35 or 40 years ago, he certainly has some knowledge about the position. Seems like he could have come up with something a little more insightful.

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  17. I don’t really care who leads UGA to the promise land, just so we get there. But I sure hope Eason has a great year to shut a lot of people like Tarkenton up. I always thought Fran to be a DGD until he started running his mouth several years ago.


  18. Dawgy45

    This is the same guy that said Richt should have dropped Aaron Murray after one season because Hutson Mason was the better QB.
    I think Sgt. Hulka said it best:

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  19. Comin' Down The Track

    Dear Fran,
    Shut up.


  20. AusDawg85

    Towers buried the lead: Tarkington has succumbed to CTE.


  21. Will Trane

    Eason. Would like to see him keep his throwing arm higher. Slot is a little too low. You are right Fran the man.
    Possible not all american like you dude.
    KS is out looking for a QB now based on your last second expert input.
    How did your last OC choice go for CMR.
    Did he ever go to see Fromm play in high school
    Just another mouth out of metro Atlanta


  22. Bright Idea



  23. CPark58

    Jeebus, UGA fans deserve everything we get. We land the #1 quarterback in the country, put him in a vastly different system than his high school system, with a team in culture shock, behind and substandard offensive line that has trouble pass blocking or opening up the run game with one of the best backs in the country, give him few receiving options, watch him run for his life and take shot after shot, and then bitch about his lack of progression.

    He may not have gone into the off-season as Peyton Manning in his prime but the kid showed a lot of promise. He has all the tools, that’s a given, but the thing that impressed me the most is that he never let the moment define him and made the plays in the big time pressure situations and you can’t teach that.

    We have super efficient Hutson Mason and everyone complained about his arm, we have Greyson Lambert who had the tools but wilted under pressure, and now we have Eason and people bitch that he’s a freshman doing freshman things.

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  24. JAX

    Fran was an SAE at Georgia as was I. We invited him to come speak at an alumni event, thinking he would make the short drive from Atlanta and do so. Boy were we wrong. He treated the ask as if it were a corporate event and demanded a large sum to do so. I don’t recall the exact amount but it was tens of thousands. It was an egregious display of greed and arrogance.

    Fraternity brother or not, Bulldog or not, Fran Tarkenton is a fucking asshole.


  25. W Cobb Dawg

    And I always thought if the Vikings went with Tark’s backup Bob Berry they’d have won the super bowl.