Jim McElwain is on the mother. No, really.

Have no fear, critics of the Florida football program.  Sure, this isn’t a good look.

Miller, a freshman, is one of seven Gator football players suspended for the opener against Michigan.  This incident is unrelated to that suspension.

On the other side, this is Robinson’s second brush with the law involving weed this year.

Robinson was arrested for a pot possession offense during an official visit to Ohio State in late January. As a result of his arrest, Florida was set to keep McElwain from adding Robinson to their 2017 recruiting class. However, he did end up signing with the Gators this past February and was the team’s second-highest-rated recruit, behind only offensive lineman Tedarrell Slaton.

Earlier this month, he was finally cleared academically and enrolled at the university.

So many screw ups, so little time.  But now, it’ll be different.

Promise.  Cross his heart.


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14 responses to “Jim McElwain is on the mother. No, really.

  1. ApalachDawg

    If you lay down with dogs…


  2. mwo

    Surely the ambassador for the football program has some funny quips about this.


  3. steve

    Having a guy like this at FU is an advantage to every school that recruits and plays against Florida.


    • Down Island Way

      Only if you are a highly rated recruit that indulges in the hippie lettuce…….serves no other purpose, you are aware! GO DAWGS!


  4. mdcgtp

    Of all the easy wins from a policy and fairness perspective, the SEC or NCAA could standardize the rules for discipline and seem intelligent. Unfortunately, that would be too logical for either governing body


  5. sniffer

    McElwain is the face of these decisions but the Bull Gators are making them. Not literally maybe, but this is the fan base that nearly killed Urban. This will not end well for JMc. He’s already way out over his ski’s with player discipline issues and we saw how it ended for Corch.


  6. Jack Klompus

    I wonder what the statistics show about the quality/longevity of a player that has multiple offenses not learning from their mistake.


    • Uglydawg

      Good wonder..but I can’t imagine that a kid who can’t quit using weed when his whole future is obviously at stake would be a great team player. I’ve seen this up close and personal…the desire to get stoned outweighing all other aspects of life..literally. Usually ends bad..happens all the time on every social level and every walk of life. Sad.


      • Macallanlover

        Good points. If you need drug help at this age with all the good things going on around you, you are bound for a major fall/fail when things really challenge you. There are certainly exceptions of people picking themselves up but the odds are overwhelmingly against.


  7. Russ

    It’s being dealt with. And it’s a very big deal. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s not suspended for three months…starting in mid January.


  8. Dog in Fla

    “Coach Mac is aware and it has been dealt with.”

    Jim Bob now has James and Ventrell jumping the shark


  9. 69Dawg

    Well at UGA he would be joining East Mississippi Community College about now.


  10. Suite jesus

    This reminds me of Bobby Jones quote on watching Jack Nicklaus ..”he plays a game with which I’m not familiar. ”
    If this guy was at uga, mc g would have offered up full access to his finances since he was a child, prior urine tests, and some hair from an old comb in case they wanted to test that .