Today, in amateurism

The NCAA on crowdfunding:  no for student-athletes; yes for the buildings they play in.


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  1. Could a student-athlete (let’s say Nick Chubb) be like Prince and be GoDawgs27 with no names or likenesses?


  2. 69Dawg

    You know this has the makings for the NCAA a way out. Just let the players set up GoFundMe accounts and everybody would be happy. The schools wouldn’t have to worry about paying the players. The best players would get the most money. The move would get some of the lawsuits gone. Looks like a win win.


    • JCDAWG83

      That would become a total disaster almost immediately. Fans would pour money into players and it wouldn’t take long before word spread on what teams had the most generous fans.

      The solution to almost all the problems with NCAA sports would be to require athletes to have grades and test scored equal to at least 90% of the general student body to be admitted to the school and be eligible for the scholarship.


  3. Macallanlover

    Craziness. There are truly needy people/babies that need money and some want to give to pampered athletes living the life. Misguided priorities, imo.


    • jtpo3

      Do you subscribe to cable or buy tickets to games?

      And if so, why didn’t you donate that to the needy babies?


      • Macallanlover

        Do you honestly think that is relevant to the discussion? If so, I wouldn’t attempt to have a exchange with you on the matter. You don’t know me, how I spend the money I earned, or how involved I am in in charitable contributions. I will tell you I spend it helping folks who aren’t provided free education, free room and board, free health care, free training, and walking around money. You need a little perspective on what really constitutes need. And yes, I still have enough to pay for cable and entertainment I prefer.


        • jtpo3

          Charitable and sanctimonious to boot. What a citizen you are. It’s absolutely relevant to the discussion, I assume, because you brought up other needs.

          It’s not a zero sum game, Mac. People can and do choose to support a myriad of different things.

          And don’t patronize me with your grasp of the word “need”. Look up the UGA Commitment Scholarship. Fantastic program. One of my priorities right now. Where do regular college students fall on your scale of need? Since you are the arbiter of need, after all?


    • As the poster boy for ability to trade on name and likeness, Todd Gurley didn’t exactly grow up as a “pampered athlete living the life” in Tarboro, North Carolina. He grew up in a trailer in the middle of nowhere. I got no problem with these guys getting paid beyond the scholarship so he didn’t have to sit in a car and be videoed signing items against a bunch of bogus rules that no other student on campus has to deal with.

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    • There are truly needy people/babies that need money and some want to give to pampered athletes living the life.

      “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs”… never took you for a closet Marxist, Mac.