A depth chart for the rest of us

Kirby Smart couldn’t/wouldn’t produce a depth chart this week, so Jason Butt decided to give it his best shot.  Based on what we’ve heard from Smart and from the brief glances at practice the media has been able to share, it seems like a pretty reasonable guess as to where things stand at the moment.

A few random observations:

  • If indeed Swift has moved ahead of Herrien and Holyfield at running back, I see a few transfers coming in the near future.
  • What’s the over/under on the percentage of plays Christian Payne sees the field this year?
  • If Chaney can’t utilize that stable of tight ends properly, he never will.
  • Walter Grant moving ahead of D’Andre Walker at OLB may be the most intriguing guess on Butt’s list.  Walker is hell on wheels and if Grant’s surpassed him, well, damn.
  • If the secondary can survive the first couple of games in Parrish’s absence, you have to like what Tucker will have to work with the rest of the season.



UPDATE:  Groo’s thoughts on the roster are worth a read.  In particular, this bit about the offensive line:

The bright side? There is finally enough depth to have a legitimate competition. In less than three weeks, Georgia will have to name a traveling roster for the Notre Dame trip. Assuming there are 10 offensive linemen on the travel roster, there are about 11 or 12 players competing for those 10 spots. Some familiar names might be left off that list. In fact, given how fluid the composition of the line might be over the next couple of weeks, the battle for a coveted trip to South Bend might be more interesting than the competition to be a week one starter.

When’s the last time you could say that?


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32 responses to “A depth chart for the rest of us

  1. Jt (the other one)

    Parrish may be back in time for ND…


  2. That front 7 looks scary good. Tucker, don’t screw it up.

    The front 5 will have me on pins and needles until proven otherwise.

    If Ramsey is on the roster, I have no idea why he isn’t on the depth chart as the holder.


    • I still worry about a pass rush. I think Georgia will be great against the run, but I worry about negative plays, which you simply have to get in modern football. Consistently stopping a team from getting 10 yards when you don’t push them back is almost impossible in the modern game.


      • Excellent point, Parrish. That’s why I say for Tucker not to screw it up. We didn’t attack people last year. Pruitt went after people when you got them behind the chains. Many said Kirby and Tucker seemed to want to protect the secondary by only rushing 4 (or maybe 5). I don’t know if that was due to scheme, personnel or both.


        • I think the secondary isn’t as good as fans want to believe. I feel similarly about the OLBs, though. I think our strength is up the middle across all levels (DL, ILB, S). That’s where we’re great. My hope is Ledbetter getting a full season will show how damn good he is. Pair him with Trent and that’s formidable. But we desperately need outside pressure. Carter always seems this close to getting home. If he can close that 1/2 lag he could be what we need. Same with Bellamy.


          • I’ve always thought most sports are exactly the same on defense. If you’re good up the middle, you’re going to be a good defense. Think about all of those questionable defenses under Two Thumbs and Grantham. The middle of the field was constantly exploited by good teams. I hope (and that’s all I can do since I haven’t seen anything live) that, since we have talent at tackle, ILB and safety, we can take away the middle of the field and force teams to the edge where most plays are higher risk and slower to develop.


          • Irwin R. Fletcher

            You can’t find QBH stats other than on the team stat pages…but when you look at UGA having 92 QBH and only 29 Sacks….that seems like a lot of ‘close but no cigar’ moments.

            For comparison, Texas A&M had 50 QBH and 39 sacks.


          • Macallanlover

            I agree the secondary is the only area of concern on defense, and as others have stated, really hope we attack the QB all out to allow the DBs some shade until they get better, But I disagree about the OLBs, I feel both Bellamy and Carter will lay it all out top improve their draft stock. That is why they are back, they should play with their hair on fire. Enough talent there to expect a motivated pair to bring some heat and be a team strength. This defense better be salty or we should all have some serious questions about the defensive staff.


          • 83Dawg

            The worst thing to see is Carter running free towards the QB, because you just know he is going to whiff. I really want the man to succeed and get paid, and hope that he somehow learned something over the summer, but I have coached HS soccer girls (that weren’t great athletes) that were better at tracking someone 1v1 in space than he is. It is baffling to me how he is so awful at something vital that should have been taught in middle school ball.

            Watching him in the backfield, at times, is like watching a yellow dog that you fake-throw the tennis ball with, and seeing them run off into nowhere and be completely baffled why there is no ball there–EVERY SINGLE TIME.

            Maybe get Roundtree to give him lessons on the edge blitz–that was what Rashad did best in HS.


  3. dawgtired

    Grant has the body but putting him ahead of Walker this early? Makes me wonder if Walker has been slowed by some injury. It’s not like Walker was a weakness.
    I’m interested to see how Barnett and Crowder compete. Many times the players that get moved back and forth to different positions never get settled. Barnett was starting to get high praises before his injury, then got moved to help with the OL for a short time. I had high expectations for him at one time.


    • W Cobb Dawg

      “It’s not like Walker was a weakness.”

      Agree, and I’ve wondered why Walker hasn’t gotten more playing time the past 2 years. Seems to me nobody on the D can get into the opponents backfield faster than Walker. If Grant is better than Walker already, he’s probably better than ‘Zo Carter too.


  4. Chopdawg

    I just love Coach Kirby! It’s so much fun to play Guess-Who’s-On-The-Depth-Chart, especially right here a couple days before kickoff!


  5. Irwin R. Fletcher

    This line from Groo’s write up…

    A large, fast Nate McBride charging down the field on kick coverage would be an impressive sight.



  6. Doggoned

    Ride those tight ends, baby. Works for the Pats. Biggest no-brainer imaginable. Of course, that was true last year, too.


  7. paul

    I have to admit, in the past I’d be so hopped up about now I’d actually be looking forward seeing South Carolina play on Thursday night so I could finally WATCH SOME COLLEGE FOOTBALL! This year it just occurred to me this morning that the season actually starts this weekend. Heck, I literally just saw that a few games actually took place last week. And reading this blog is the first thing I do every day. I even comment most days. Not sure why the lack of excitement and anticipation.


    • Southernlawyer11

      I am NOT a dwell-in-the-past type of person, but you missed an absolute offensive coaching clinic put on by Mike Bobo last weekend. That second half looked like one of his and Aaron Murray’s symphonies.


      • paul

        Glad for him. I was a Bobo critic early on but the man definitely came into his own. By the time he left I was sorry to see him go. In retrospect, it essentially marked the the end of the Richt era. We just didn’t realize it at the time.


      • Mayor

        Bobo was the best OC we ever had in Athens and I predict he will become the best HC they ever had at Colorado State. Did Bobo make some mistakes while OC at UGA? Yes, but it appears he learned from them. Man the CSU O looked good last Saturday!


    • Russ

      I watched the Fighting Bobos whip Oregon State last weekend, so the season has already started for me. Just wish this dang rain would stop so people can dry out and recover. We’ve had 47″ since Friday and it’s still raining hard.

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  8. 3rdandGrantham

    Well we already got some bad news on the transfer front this morning, as it appears Chauncey Manac is transfering. Really surprised, as he’s a solid talent who has come on as of late.


  9. Will Trane

    Agree with your statement about the TE’s.
    Could have clue if you look back when they were at UT.
    With regard to TEs’, that is currently deemed the vogue position today in offenses. Ask the Falcons and other teams that have faced the Patriots. You have a Dawg center starting those plays.
    Plus the offensive staff could drill down into some high school programs in Georgia and look at their plays past couple of years. Contrary to what many think the TEs are important in spread offenses.
    As the season goes on we will find out.


  10. Will Trane

    Just maybe we are beginning to see a legit SEC roster in Athens.
    Happy thoughts???


  11. Dave

    TEs accounted for 20% of our receptions last year. Maybe that’s not jaw-dropping use, but it’s hardly as though they were ignored.


  12. NCDawg

    Jordan Davis is still on the team? He’s gotta 30 yrs old with 3 kids and a house in the suburbs by now.