“What are the chances Georgia is better on special teams this year?”

Gotta love Seth’s wrap up on the subject:

“He’s been getting in there and just doing a phenomenal job on special teams.,” Blazevich said “That’s what we’ve been harping all offseason. We were not very good last year in special teams. I think that led to a couple losses that should have been wins. And we need to get that under control.

“That’s the main thing we’re doing. We’re focusing on it. We’re emphasizing it. And guys are stepping up.”

Or at least that’s the preseason happytalk.

Hey, there are only a few days left before the opener.  Get your preseason happy talk now while it lasts.


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10 responses to ““What are the chances Georgia is better on special teams this year?”

  1. Rp

    I also heard that S&C is vastly improved this year, Eason will be better in year two, the O-line will improve, Chubb will be back to 2015 form, Cheney will use the tight ends more, and Lorenzo Carter is looking at a 13 sack season 🙂



    Having 20 more bodies to choose from is going to help in all areas.


    • Russ

      Hard to argue with that. Plus another year if coaching experience will be big. All in all, I’m slurping up the Kool-aid.


  3. Mark Webb doesn’t have a chance to break into the two-deep?
    At receiver?
    I believe returning starters Ridley, Wims, & Godwin will be improved and Hardman is going to have a big year…but that still leaves plenty of room for him to crack the line-up. And Holliman, too.
    What about Simmons and Blount?
    With the group we played with last year, ALL of these guys have a shot! Who’s going to get in Webb’s way? Or any of the others, for that matter? Chigbu? Stanley?
    Stanley hasn’t proven he can catch the ball in an actual game, yet.
    And has anyone ever seen Chigbu make a catch and actually turn up field for positive YAC?
    Rarely, if ever.
    Being a competent blocker downfield is important, but not as important as moving the chains and changing the numbers on the scoreboard.
    Difficult to break into the two-deep?
    Give me a break, Seth.
    If the freshmen can catch it when it’s thrown at them, put ’em in.
    These guys were serious playmakers in high school, many of them competing in their state’s highest football classifications, so there is at least the potential for the emergence of a future star among them.


  4. AusDawg85

    When I see Sony back to take the opening kick-off, I’ll know Kirby is serious. When I see Chubb back there…I’ll know we’re down 14 late in the game.


  5. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    After last year, improvement might just be regression (progression?) to the mean. But I will be optimistic until proven otherwise.

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