Make point spreads great again.

Once upon a time, Georgia would occasionally blow out an opponent.

I realize that Oregon State isn’t exactly a powerhouse, but it is a P5 program.  Mike Bobo’s team managed to put up more points against the Beavers than the Dawgs did last season against Nicholls and Louisiana combined.


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  1. Greg

    Shoulda backed up the truck & offered Bobo the bank to stay….but maybe it was a plan…a plan to get rid of “Low T”.


    • MDDawg

      I’ll never understand this. I don’t think Bobo would’ve passed up the chance to run his own program, but by all accounts UGA didn’t even attempt to retain him. That just seems crazy to me.

      I can relate it to something that happened in my own life recently. I started a new job in October of last year. I went from being middle management at one facility to the top manager at a slightly smaller facility. Before I left the old job, my boss asked me if there was anything the company could offer that would keep me there. I told him no, this other opportunity checked all the boxes for me as far as pay, title, and more importantly location. I felt like it was just too good to pass up.

      I think Bobo felt the same about the CSU job, but as fans we have this doubt that McGarity even made an offer, and that’s just pitiful. If he didn’t try to retain him, then that’s just poor leadership. If he did try and he wasn’t successful, then that’s just bad PR, which is again a sign of poor leadership in my opinion. I’d love to know where Richt was in all this. How hard did he push McGarity? Or did Bobo just tell them not to try because there was nothing they could say to change his mind? We’ll probably never know.


  2. James Stephenson

    I watched that game and man do I miss those plays. The PA to the tight-end over the middle. The occasional deep shot. The toss sweep. It was a joy to watch that offense for CSU.


  3. Reipar

    I was not that impressed. Sure they scored a bunch but they did not exert their will at all!!

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  4. Bigshot

    UGA seldom beats the spread. I hope we can avoid letting the other team score on us at the end of the half.


  5. 69Dawg

    Looking at the CSU offense was like being in a time warp back to the days when we moved the ball almost at will. Here’s hoping we can get back to that. Oh yea Coach Friend had them Zone blocking their butts off.

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  6. MGW

    I’d really love to just beat the dog shit out of some teams this year.

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  7. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    Mike Bobo knows how to penetrate Beaver defenses. That’s a fact.


  8. ugafidelis

    I know that guy. He’s an avid Gator.


  9. Rebar

    I would say Coach Bobo learned well. I’m going to hate to see him on an opposing sideline in the SEC sometime in the near future.


  10. scrambledawg

    As painful as it may be to do so, we need to pull for UT, Auburn and UF having good enough years to keep their coaches off the hot seat. I can’t imagine Bobo leaving CSU for Ole Miss (esp with the NCAA hammer likely to fall yet again on Admiral Akbaar’s Rebel Bears); but he’d be a fool to pass up those others. If he comes back to the SEC, I hope it’s at Arkansas or TAMU; not someone we have to face regularly or recruit against in GA.


    • reipar

      With the money TAMU has and the state they recruit in I would rather see him at UT then TAMU. My biggest fear is he ends up at LSU in two years.


      • Irwin R. Fletcher

        I have nightmares of him at Tech or Auburn. Georgia is producing more QB talent than it ever has. He’ll pull one of them if you put him at a P5 program in the SE.

        BTW…can we make a case that the 1997 Georgia Bulldogs are one of the greatest in the history of the program as far as producing all kinds of talent? A top 10 finish. Win over Florida. Black Pants. Potentially Three HOF players in Hines, Seymour, and Champ. Two Head Coaches. An All American turned Broadcaster. Along with Jonas Jennings and Robert Edwards for good measure?


  11. Jack Burton

    Thanks Lambert and true Freshman QB.

    This will change this year.


  12. Mayor

    To paraphrase Bill Clinton: It’s the coaching stupid.


  13. UGA85

    I guess this is Bobo’s third year as head coach? I don’t think he has set the world on fire as yet, but maybe this year will be different. We will see. I wish him well.


  14. cali_dawg

    Blowouts would be nice. Actually I would be happy if we could just consistently score touchdowns again. Remember when we did that? Sigh.


  15. Athens Dog

    I expect a rout Saturday.