Son of Montana Project

I received an email today from Mike Browning, who’s started the official UGA alumni chapter in Great Falls, MT, and asked if I might spread the word about the shindig being planned out there to watch the Appalachian State game.

That is a no-brainer on my part.

If you’re in the neighborhood, make sure you drop in.  My hope is that they get more than 100 folks to show up, if only to let Stewart Mandel know we’re everywhere.  GATA!



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13 responses to “Son of Montana Project

  1. Bourbon Dawgwalker

    As an aside, I visited Whitefish, MT last week and had a few beers at Whitefish Brewery. They have a beer called Jorts, and it a mocking tribute to Gator fans. I’m guessing they have a Georgia alum on staff.

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  2. Just Chuck (The Other One)

    Anybody send Mandel an invitation. He needs to know.


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  4. Speaking of Mandel, have you checked out that new site he is helping launch? The Athletic, I think is what it’s called. Gonna be behind a paywall but you can read the first few articles for free. I’m considering subscribing, has a number of good contributors.


  5. I may seriously be moving to Great Falls this fall. Its great to know there is a UGA chapter!


  6. Kobby

    Love it. Mandell is full of crap. Was in Montana two weeks ago in Missoula/Whitefish/Glacier National park and got a “Go Dawgs” every day I had a Georgia hat on.


    • How does Glacier rank? I visited Yellowstone last year and just got back from Jackson Hole/ Grand Teton NP. Had a great time fly fishing and hiking. Was wondering how Glacier compares to Yellowstone and Grand Teton.


      • HillDawg

        Yellowstone is unlike anything, anywhere. Glacier is different, but awesome. Makes Grand Teton look wimpy imo.


      • kobby

        I’d rank it right up there and say it’s absolutely worth the trip. Totally different environment from Yellowstone with the aqua-marine glacial lakes and tremendous relief from valley floor to the peaks. Like most parks there are areas that are crowded but it’s not hard to get off the beaten path. If historic lodges are your thing they have them or stay in whitefish if you need the creature comforts and day trip it.


  7. Faulkner

    I was sitting in traffic on 85 downtown this summer and pulled up behind a black Honda Odyssey with Montana plates and a UGA window sticker. They do exist. If I knew how to upload pictures to this site I would. I have the proof!