They’re gonna need a bigger courtroom.

What can you say?

Well, this.



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24 responses to “They’re gonna need a bigger courtroom.

  1. Bigshot

    Why couldn’t this have happened before we play them?

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  2. ASEF

    Maybe this is all a 3-dimensional chess move by Jim to convince the Gator Admins to pay Huntley his money.



    • Mayor

      Question: Is Huntley Johnson still representing Gator players given what has been going on between him and the University?


  3. Derek

    Did CMR’s drop off some of his “pre-season bad luck” in Gainesville on his way to Coral Gables?

    If McElwain wins over UM anyway, I’ll really start thinking highly of him as a coach.

    The good thing about UM vs. UF and UA vs. FSU is that two of them will open 0-1. Don’t really care who they turn out to be.


  4. MGW

    Even if they get all those players back, they’re going to be baaaad this year.


  5. Otto

    McElwain should be getting nervous. UF fires quicker than UGA, despite back to back SEC CG trips, back to back losses to Bama and FSU has some of their fans grumbling, 2 down years would likely get him fired.

    Could we the WLOCP be a kickoff classic next year? It’d be great to turn SOS’s line about playing UGA early on him.


  6. Cojones

    Don Best lists 14 FU players out with suspensions or injury. This will bring the total to 16,(9, D / 7, O) and of those there are 3 probable for the game(2, O / 1, D) plus 1 questionable. They lost a bunch of D players from last year, so how much do you think this bunch will affect their effort against Michigan?

    Excuse me while I change my pool bet and then look for some FU fans that vow they “Don’t keep up with that shit” and place a few bets .


  7. 79DawgatWork

    Has Kirk Herbstreit tweeted out to ask why Jim McElwain’s players don’t respect or fear him enough???

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  8. When over 10% if the team is involved in trying to defraud their university, then that might mean you have player discipline problem. This is why Mac would not give out a public roster. He is not sure who can play. Dumb fucks, all of them

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  9. Russ

    Can’t stand the Gators so this doesn’t bother me in the least. I will at least give them credit for dumping the bad ones. In years past, not so sure that would’ve happened. I’m thinking of a certain double-homicide case…


  10. Florida officially announces that my guy Feleipe “El Magnifico” Franks will get the start against Michigan. But only because he’s one of the 11 offensive players that weren’t suspended for the opener.


  11. jt (the other one)

    Huntley Johnson isn’t on the mother!?!?!?!


  12. Dolly Llama

    GotDAWG, what a mess. Gotta give McElwain props where they’re due, I guess, though the real situation may be so grievous that he had no choice, and no props are due anywhere.

    I don’t want to become the lurker who goes to other schools’ message boards (which is a guilty pleasure for me with regard to GT, UF and UTk) and posts random comment threads of theirs, but for what it’s worth

    There but for the grace of God goes us. Oh, wait a minute …


  13. heyberto

    And to think it was Steve Spurrier who chided us for always having a few key players suspended to start the season.


  14. Ben

    Could Mike Bono end up as the next head coach of the Gators?