Best knee game in the business

UConn had to scramble to come back in the fourth quarter to beat Holy Cross last night, but don’t let it be said that Randy Edsall isn’t a master at preparation.  Here’s what he had his guys working on late in the game:

Evidently it worked.  They managed to run the clock out from there.

Let’s face it:  Edsall is a tactical genius.


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3 responses to “Best knee game in the business

  1. Macallanlover

    You have to be careful about plays like that. Remember the SEC officials used a replay on a spike play in the UT game to find another infraction against UGA for having a player not off the field when the ball was snapped. That stop had to come from the replay booth, and narrows down which jerk manipulated the rules that night. I would like to think UGA followed up on that but never heard. Reviewing a spike, is that the kind of values Steve Shaw has in his department? Has to be the only time since replay was initiated that a spike play was reviewed to see if it was a forward pass or not….as it that was the damned reason.

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  2. Cojones

    Besides his hands needing a butt warming, he wanted to get the smell on the ball before taking such a high-tech play into the game. It was their Unholy Cross play.


  3. Lumberjack

    First laugh I’ve had all day.. bless their hearts