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“It’s a rule we probably should have known, frankly.”

Since they lost 49-7, I doubt it made much difference, but last night, Florida A&M was penalized a time out at the start of every quarter in its game against Arkansas for wearing these jerseys:


(Photo: Nelson Chenault, Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports)

According to the NCAA, “By rule each team must wear a jersey that has numbers that clearly contrast with the body of the jersey.”

Extra guidelines on jersey numbers include:

  • The number itself must clearly contrast, even if it has an outline or border.
  • The number should be clearly visible from a significant distance.
  • If there is any question as to whether the number and the jersey contrast, the jersey may not be worn.

Okay, fine.  Except for one thing.

FAMU wore the same white jersey during every away game last season, including its season opener against ACC foe Miami.

The team wasn’t penalized for illegal jerseys last season.

It’s good to know the NCAA is already in mid-season form.

I guess the Rattlers will have to use some of that guarantee money to buy new road jerseys.


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