Today, west end zone concessions. Tomorrow, the world.

Is this a sign that somebody in Butts-Mehre is actually aware of fans bitching about the in-game experience?

Brooks adds that since the west end zone’s restroom, concession and first-aid facilities have been removed due to the construction, everything in that area will be portable in 2017.

“The concessions will match the Augusta National style of grab-and-go,” he said. “You go through a line, grab your items and then check out. We’ve done that to get people through … as fast as possible.”

The proof is in the pudding, of course.  But you’ll never hear me mock any Masters aspirations coming from the folks managing Sanford Stadium.  There are certainly worse standards to try to emulate.

Now, if only they’d match Augusta National prices.  (I keed, I keed.  Sort of.)


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13 responses to “Today, west end zone concessions. Tomorrow, the world.

  1. Athens Dog

    They could replicate the stands behind Amen corner on the open space built behind the end zones by the tracks. Plenty of room. Right now they have a pizza stand (at least on club level).


    • W Cobb Dawg

      If we’re going all-out Masters, I suppose we could replace the hedges with azaleas – with red flowers of course. Now if the ag school could get those azaleas to bloom all season that would be a neat trick.


  2. Hogbody Spradlin

    So are they gonna have porta potties?


  3. The other Doug

    Dang it. Now I want a pimento and cheese sandwich.


  4. Josh Brooks is a bright spot in B-M. Surprised we got him to come back from his AD gig at Millsaps. DGD.


  5. AusDawg85

    This is stupid. Far better to set up a place in the middle of the concourse with a front-facing counter and a couple of clerks. Only one should know how to make correct change when given cash. Don’t put any ropes to guide the lines, folks will figure it out and be polite even when uncertain how many lines there should be. Have the food 10 feet behind the counter, and not ready to serve until an order has been taken. Again, let the customer decide whether to wait for the food & drinks in place, or step aside to let the next person order…the latter is preferred as it then gives the appearance that another line has formed. Finally, put the condiments across the concourse, so all of the crowd as to wade through cross traffic. Best if done where the concourse is already narrow so folks don’t have too far to walk. Next to an overcrowded restroom line is also ideal if you can find such a spot.

    I really can’t see the advantage of just one continuous line moving quickly to grab pre-prepared food and drinks and then just checking-out with one of several clerks in half the space. How will I now be able to argue and get into a shoving match with an over-served, under-age frat boy cutting in line?


  6. Macallanlover

    They may want to aspire to a more achievable goal, they can only fall short and disappoint if they go against the best customer service in all of sports. There is plenty of room between where they are and what they stated to be like and still make fans notice and be very happy with the improvements.


  7. Red Cup

    Unless they are going to serve Masters quality food and beverage I will not be waiting to get into the stadium to eat. Our tailgate will have much better offerings. Since there is no Coors Light available in the stadium, I will have to resort to bottled water to sober up.


  8. Southernlawyer11

    Why can’t Field Street behind the stadium become a controlled access zone on gamedays and function as an area to stage these quick serving concessions “augusta national” setups ?