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Because you need that game day thread, you got it.

Jason Butt’s game summary is a good a reference place to start for the Appy State game as I could ask for, so here ’tis.

Half the fun of an opening game is seeing where all the new moving parts fit and considering how many true freshmen Smart is threatening to play, today is certainly no exception in that regard.  Most of the rest of the fun is seeing if there’s something to all the preseason happy talk.

Winning would be nice, too.

Given how ASU likes to slow the pace down and how Smart’s natural tendency leans towards grinding as well, I’m skeptical there will be a ton of scoring in this game, barring a rash of turnovers and special teams specialness.  I also think Georgia just falls short of covering the spread.  Not that I’ll be troubled by, say, a 27-14 result that was not in doubt from early on.  (Lots of second teamers playing in the fourth quarter, in other words.)

Mainly, as I said earlier this week, just show me that you’re getting your shit together, Dawgs, and I’ll leave tonight a happy camper.

Dazzle me in the comments today, folks.  Have at it.



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“We usually see big guys who want to go through you.”

There are a lot of things I want to see at tonight’s game, but this article on the Appalachian State defensive front reminds that at the top of my list is how the offensive line and Jim Chaney handle another defense loading the box.  Because you know that’s coming early and often.


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“Things can only get better, right?”

Marc Weiszer has a point about Georgia’s offense.

After all, Georgia ranked 102nd nationally in scoring at 24.2 points per game – lowest for a Bulldog team in a 12-game schedule – was 11th in the SEC in total offense (384.7), 10th in the league in passing (193.5) and ninth in rushing (191.2).

That’s a pretty low bar to vault there.


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Finally, it’s here.

Gawd, I love Opening Day.

I love the joy of getting together again with friends at the pregame tailgate.

I love seeing every surrounding tailgate festooned in red and black.

I love the cold beer.

I love Popeye’s spicy chicken.

I love blasting my mix tape.  (Obviously I don’t tailgate on North Campus.)

I love watching parents throwing footballs with their kids.

I love the fashion statement parade of boots with sundresses.

I love every bark and every “Go Dawgs!” cheer I hear.

I love that first panoramic view of the inside of the stadium.

Most of all, I love the possibility.  It’s a new season.  The slate is clean.  Anything is possible, at least for the day.  There’s something irresistibly pure about that.

It doesn’t get any better than this.  Even my awareness of the assholes conspiring to ruin the greatest sport there is can’t dampen my enthusiasm.  I may not be able to forgive, but at least for a day, I can forget.

Thank you for this, Georgia football.


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