Finally, it’s here.

Gawd, I love Opening Day.

I love the joy of getting together again with friends at the pregame tailgate.

I love seeing every surrounding tailgate festooned in red and black.

I love the cold beer.

I love Popeye’s spicy chicken.

I love blasting my mix tape.  (Obviously I don’t tailgate on North Campus.)

I love watching parents throwing footballs with their kids.

I love the fashion statement parade of boots with sundresses.

I love every bark and every “Go Dawgs!” cheer I hear.

I love that first panoramic view of the inside of the stadium.

Most of all, I love the possibility.  It’s a new season.  The slate is clean.  Anything is possible, at least for the day.  There’s something irresistibly pure about that.

It doesn’t get any better than this.  Even my awareness of the assholes conspiring to ruin the greatest sport there is can’t dampen my enthusiasm.  I may not be able to forgive, but at least for a day, I can forget.

Thank you for this, Georgia football.


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  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    How’s the weather in North Georgia?


  2. Athens Dog

    All that and a touch of fall this morning when I went to get the paper! DOGS


  3. artful codger

    Like stepping up on the 1st tee for an anticipated round of golf…it don’t get no better than this. The best score of your life is dangling out there in front of you, and thus far you haven’t committed no wrongs to screw it up.


  4. I love opening day. I don’t care who the opponent is. I want to be in Sanford Stadium. GATA!

    For the Dawgs and the Popeye’s:

    It will make the hair on the back of my neck stand up again tonight:


  5. lawpanda

    Mind sharing the track list for the mixtape, Senator?


    • Oof. Actually, I have four: a 1-hour, 2-hour, 3-hour and 4-hour, so I can mix and match depending on how long the tailgate goes.

      The one-hour mix is this:

      The House Is Rockin’ Stevie Ray Vaughan
      Livin’ It Down Delbert McClinton
      Honky Tonk Women The Rolling Stones
      Roadhouse Blues The Doors
      1999 Prince
      Think James Brown
      Show Me Joe Tex
      Sneakin’ Sally Through The Alley Robert Palmer
      Barefootin’ Robert Parker
      Barbara Ann The Beach Boys
      I Can’t Explain (Original Mono Version) The Who
      I Saw Her Standing There [Mono] The Beatles
      Gloria Them
      Hard To Handle Otis Redding
      Ice Breaker The J. Geils Band
      Keep Hands To Yourself Georgia Satellites
      Too Much Fun Commander Cody & His Lost Planet Airmen


  6. Glcdawg

    I would only add a little to your list. Those first few notes from the upper northwest corner and Munson voice ringing out one more time!

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  7. ApalachDawg

    The march to Atlanta begins today.


  8. CoastieDawg



  9. Chopdawg

    I have to WORK grumblegrumble won’t even get to listen to the game on radio, let alone come to Sanford.

    Opening day AND a great weather day. We could’ve played at 2 PM today.


    • Macallanlover

      Weather wise, yes, but we would not have as favorable atmosphere as we will have late. Both the fans, and more importantly the players, seem to hit a new level of energy when the lights are on. A crisp, fall afternoon with the campus filled with fans tailgating is one of the greatest memories for so many of us, but modern day CFB has become more special after the sun sets. I want as many of these games as we can get.

      Not sure what our home record is after 5 PM but I think it is pretty good, and the electricity of Sanford is more impressive to visiting recruits. Since we have to play other teams at night in their place, I want the same edge. If fans have to get a room on the way home because of the late finish, that is just the price of poker. Especially before late October in the South, I think games at night are a bonus to the fans who attend.


  10. Alcoholic Genius



  11. Agree 100% with your list of what makes opening day great. But you are showing your age by using the term “mix tape”. I said “mix tape” around my teenage daughter the other day. She proceeded to mock me unmercifully, saying: “Dad, it’s called a playlist these days.”


  12. JAX

    Do you love being satisfied with mediocrity?

    Are you sick of seeing old Herschel highlights?

    For me, I’m sick of the same old shit. Time for new memories, new names, new everything.

    I’m just sick of the same old shit and want new, better, more.

    I don’t want any more excuses.

    I want excellence.


  13. As much as I’ve become disillusioned with the lack of leadership at my alma mater and the gradual degradation of the best sport in the world at the expense of chasing short-term gains…I’m right there with ya. I’ve given up the trips to Athens, but I was still up at 1AM early this morning throwing an 11 lb brisket on the Big Green Egg to get ready for the folks we’ll have over tonight. I don’t do that on any random Saturday, that’s for sure.


  14. JN

    A new season… A clean slate…


  15. AusDawg85

    The Senator thinks he wrote the perfect opening day thread. But he didn’t. He didn’t mention Mama, or prison, or getting drunk, or trucks, or trains. So let’s fix it.

    I love fetching Mama out of prison and parking down by the train tracks in my pickup truck to get drunk. *

    Now that’s the perfect opening!


  16. AthensHomerDawg

    It doesn’t get any better than this. Even my awareness of the assholes conspiring to ruin the greatest sport there is can’t dampen my enthusiasm.

    Made me chuckle.

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  17. South FL Dawg

    The best 12 days of the year are Saturdays in the Fall – Go Dawgs!!!