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BREAKING: Big demotion in Tuscaloosa

I don’t know if this is a drug-related suspension, or a sign of something more serious and permanent, but Nick Saban is sans Coke bottle today.

Of course, it may be due to this.  You know how Saban is about his staff speaking with the media.

I must say he looks naked without it.



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A warm welcome

Just a reminder that meetings like this week’s are rare and should be celebrated as such.

Georgia, like many SEC schools fell into the comfort of easy southern living. It’s a hard thing to have to travel more than a few hours if one doesn’t have to. In this world, no one was holding any of these schools accountable for being so self-centered. There have been no consequences, so why should they – right?

Well, no. That’s the completely wrong way to look at it. The consequences are that it just looks silly. Other schools like Georgia try to make this up by scheduling northern teams in neutral site games (which are always in the south) and in doing so, they continue to sterilize and further commercialize a sport we all love.

I thank Georgia for doing what others refuse to do, even after becoming so content with the status quo. And, I am even more thankful that Georgia didn’t cave in for a Shamrock Series abomination. This game coming up on Saturday is what college football should be about…

I can’t say I agree with his following point about college football shifting in a more national direction — in fact, I know I don’t — but kudos for both schools are well deserved for scheduling a home-and-home series instead of a sterile, one-off neutral site domed affair.

And we’re looking forward to welcoming you guys down here in a couple of years.


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Catchy name, bruh.

Mark Schlabach, dealing the GTP-approved snark.

Careful, Mark.  Stuff like that’ll get you on the McGarity shit list.


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Down and out in South Bend

It’s official:  Jacob Eason won’t face Notre Dame.

Quarterback Jacob Eason, who has started 13 straight games for Georgia, won’t play Saturday at Notre Dame due to the sprained left knee he sustained in the first quarter of the Bulldogs’ season-opening win.

Coach Kirby Smart said Monday that the sophomore has a sprained knee ligament but won’t need surgery and a full recovery is expected this season.

“Jacob will not play this week,” Smart said. “Jacob’s going to be week to week from this point forward.”

He said he’s not sure the length of time Eason will be out.

I’m glad it’s not serious… Eason’s knee, that is.  Getting a true freshman quarterback ready for his first start in a road game on national television is damned serious.


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Yeah, that’s what a hot seat feels like.

In the wake of that stunning loss last night to UCLA, a member of the A&M System Board of Regents has already called for head coach Kevin Sumlin to be canned.


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Vegas is uncertain.

Just a quick note about one of this week’s early lines.

Note: Georgia at Notre Dame is currently off the board because Bulldogs’ QB Jacob Eason is uncertain for the game with a knee injury.


UPDATE:  The line is out to Georgia plus-6.5 now.  Good motivation for Fromm.


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Requiem from a heavyweight

Last night, UCLA clawed back from a 34-point second-half deficit with seconds remaining to beat Texas A&M 45-44.  Ordinarily, it would take years of skilled observation and expert analysis for someone to be able to fully grasp the impact of the game’s result.

Fortunately, for the rest of us there’s Mr. Conventional Wisdom.

Tony didn’t need Twitter’s full 140-character allotment to explain it, either. That’s how you know you’re in the presence of a master.


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