Upon further review, Appalachian State edition

I’m not gonna say there were any huge revelations watching the replay, but a few things did stick out.

  • Andrew Thomas looked flat out nasty on occasion.  He’s going to work out just fine, methinks.
  • J. R. Reid played a great game.
  • Nick Chubb’s got his quicks back.  There were a couple of cuts he made that definitely harken back to his pre-injury days.
  • If you want to see the textbook definition of running hard, watch Michel on his touchdown run.
  • Right now, the best thing about Jake Fromm’s game is his quick release, but you also have to be impressed with how his teammates responded to a true freshman suddenly thrust into the moment.
  • Best coaching moment of the day comes at the 32-minute mark, when Smart has to direct Fromm over to join his receivers on the sideline after the first score.  Hilarious.
  • If ASU made a mistake on offense, it was not running the option with Lamb more.  For the most part, he was savvy with his reads.
  • I was disappointed to see both Walker and Bellamy lose contain on the left side, leaving the defense to get gashed with big gains.
  • As for the broadcast, I found Tuberville to be more lazy than awful.  He does bring a fair amount of coaching insight to the booth, but it was obvious he spent almost no time on prep work.  The sideline dude was awful, though.


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45 responses to “Upon further review, Appalachian State edition

  1. Dolly Llama

    That sideline dude was indeed awful, and I’m not someone who normally pays attention to that kind of thing. That talent purge at ESPN meant some really rough-around-the-edges broadcasts up and down the schedule all weekend. They’re in for a rough year, I think..


    • James Stephenson

      Yes he was bad, I laughed a few times during his segments.


    • Yeas but UGA is a big fan of his.


      • Rocketdawg

        Paul Carcatero was a lacrosse player in college. He hosts (or used to) a lacrosse themed show on College Sports Nation Sirius/XM that was equally as bad of an assault on the ears


        • Dolly Llama

          That explains a lot. I felt bad for him; Turdville and the other guy in the booth seemed to as well. That would explain the awkward silences that followed every juncture he was called on to speak. Carcatero is the master of the non-sequitur air break.


  2. Jared S.

    I didn’t get to see the game. I listened Scott Howard. (meh)

    Was the sideline guy for our game worse than the guy doing Bama/FSU. Because he flat out stuuuuuuunk.


  3. JN

    The blue print for beating ND is exactly the same as what Bama did to FSU, control the LOS, great defense, win special teams, and take advantage of opportunities on offense. That plan is nothing new. Having a defense and, fingers crossed, special teams capable of executing it…how long has it been since we truly hope for that?


  4. WF Dawg

    Tubs just gave off the vibe that he didn’t want to be there. That being the case, I’d be just fine to let him have his way.


  5. dawgman3000

    Yes, those qb read big plays are worrisome. Hopefully, that gets corrected quickly.


  6. Scorpio Jones, III

    “Right now, the best thing about Jake Fromm’s game is his quick release.”

    The Kharmic Bitchez are looking at this, early reports are the ladies view this as one of those things that could be both the best and the worst of things.

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  7. lakedawg

    Think we get more of that QB option this week if they watch film at all and Fromm did step in and did what he needed to do. About three of those wounded ducks he threw up are not going to fly far against better defensive backs is a worry.


  8. Mayor

    I had forgotten why I disliked Tuberville until this broadcast. Now I remember.


  9. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    Pretty much spot on. I liked Tuberville, though. I agree he was lazy, but I view that as a feature: we never heard stuff like ‘Pollack and Greene played peewee ball together’ ad nauseum. He made comments that a coach would make, and otherwise shut up. It was the opposite of someone who prepared and then can’t stop talking about it. Think about it.


  10. Brandon

    “If ASU made a mistake on offense, it was not running the option with Lamb more. For the most part, he was savvy with his reads.”

    I think part of this had to do with once they were down 14-0 and realized that was the only play they could run with any kind of success, their goose was cooked. While it could have resulted in more yards and maybe some earlier points, I think Satterfield was smart by not running his senior QB multiple times risking injury in essentially an inconsequential early season “paycheck” game.

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    • 69Dawg

      Yes to this. Unlike the “Genius” App State knew this was a done deal and why waste the QB. GT’s coach should be arrested for abuse if he keeps running that kid 40 times a game.


  11. Vidaliaway

    What impressed me most was special teams especially punt coverage. If I remember correctly, all of the punts were fair caught with at least 6 dawgs around the ball. I think the shortest punt was 43 yrds.


  12. Macallanlover

    Tubbs’ dumbest comment was that Jake From State Farm only knew 50% of the playbook. That may have true with some freshmen QBs he coached in the past but he was certainly lazy in his research on this kid. He may not have executed all the plays in a scrimmage/practice, but he knows the playbook. I don’t think he lacks much, other than the obvious inexperience it is impossible to have by September 9, but he will show up Saturday ready to compete with our full arsenal. A football junkie, indeed.

    I am also troubled about our ability to defend the QB run, it isn’t like we didn’t know that was a part of what Appy would do going into the game. And it is certain ND will give us a full dose of it this week. That, and the tall WR are my biggest defensive concerns. Still see this as a relatively low scoring, trench warfare type of game.


    • Dog in Fla

      “am also troubled about our ability to defend the QB run…. And it is certain ND will give us a full dose”

      Thank goodness we don’t play Tech next week


  13. AusDawg85

    Did not see the significant improvement in OL play we all hoped for, but with all of the substitutions, we may eventually find a combination that gels. Liked that Fromm’s passing and less use of the bunched formation to run Chubb resulted in a better looking running game.

    I do like where the D is headed. Big, fast and nasty. Not Bama level, but should be good enough to give us a chance in most games.


    • Macallanlover

      Significant is relative, but the OL looked better to me to a reasonable degree. It just isn’t going to turn around overnight, but it shows some progress….saw very few whiffs on Saturday so there is that. I feel getting the passing game moving immediately allowed the running game to look better than we have seen, which made the OL look better. Getting Kindley back at guard this week could be help a lot also, we had to spend last week juggling combinations to find the best fit. May not see the significant improvement we all want until later in the year, if they stay healthy, but it looked as good as when we were having success on the offense, unfortunately that was 2014. We haven’t a good OL in a long time, this one doesn’t have to be great, just cannot afford the missed assignments we had last season.


  14. Snoop Dawgy Dawg

    Loran and crew had Ears on pregame 750AM. I was listening in as I was picking up some BBQ and they asked him what his most memorable experience/game/situation was in his years at Auburn. They chummed the waters with reference to his undefeated season, his SEC championship games, etc. His response?

    The 96 game between the hedges when AU held on to beat the Dawgs. What a dick. He’s on the Bulldog Radio Network, and he can’t help but be a prick.


  15. 69Dawg

    The offensive line will be truly tested this week. I don’t think we can “exert our will” on ND on either side of the ball. Fromm looks like a gamer but ND’s DB’s are not just going to stand around and watch Wim catch a jump ball. He threw that TD pass into triple coverage. I hope we play well and don’t have a bunch of turnovers. If the coaches can’t get our edge guys to sat the edge it could be a long night. Home field advantage for ND is too much to overcome.


  16. CB

    Tuberville barely had a clue who was on the field for Georgia. Before we get too excited about Chubb returning to form, remember he looked pretty good in the opener last year as well. I mean, he’s gonna be pretty good regardless, but if he could get back to what he was pre-injury he’ll be nearly unstoppable.


  17. Looks like we get to play the FB some this week.
    Chubb & Michel can still run hard against any defense.
    I see no area, except possibly OL, where ND holds a decided edge.
    I am still counting on the Defense & still expect the Dawgs to Win.


    • 92 grad

      Yeah, I don’t know how to take all this “that pass to wims was dangerous” talk. Something we all want to see is our qb to throw guys open or make plays. Fromm and wims MADE a play. Tossing it where the receiver is the only one who can get it isn’t always a designed play but it’s usually a “I know my guy gone get this pass” throw.

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  18. D as in Dawg

    Not feeling it, peeps. I am too scarred to foresee a victory in SB this weekend. I do think we’re one the right track, but how low is too low to keep the recruiting momentum??

    Hope I’m wrong, of course, but it would go a long way to righting my attitude if we could come out first drive, be inventive, and move the ball. Get a score early and you give the O confidence and the D encouragement. I better not say much more in case they call me in to do some analyzing.


  19. The Bruce

    I swear Tuberville went out of his way to make the App State punter’s name sound like “sumbitch.”