“[Blaming players] drives me insane.”

In fact, blaming players makes Corch so insane, he blames Boom for something Boom never said.

Meyer also said Muschamp “blamed us for Florida,” referring to a perceived lack of talent left for Muschamp when Meyer departed before the 2011 season…

It’s not clear if Muschamp ever directly suggested the cupboard was bare when he took over for Meyer. However, at the time of his Florida firing in 2014, Muschamp told CBS Sports, “[We] changed the culture of the program that was labeled by the previous head coach [Meyer] as ‘broken.’ He said it. I didn’t.”

We all know what “culture” references to Meyer’s stint at Florida mean and they’ve got nothing to do with talent, other than that the talent was the excuse for the culture.  Which means someone’s full of shit here, and it ain’t Boom.

How big a jerk do you have to be to get me to defend Will Muschamp?


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45 responses to ““[Blaming players] drives me insane.”

  1. Russ

    This will be a big deal. And it will be remembered.

    Yeah, Corch is a douche of the largest order.

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  2. I do agree with him when he says the moment you sign the contract, the players are yours. Otherwise, Corch is an ass.


  3. Irwin R. Fletcher

    This is for recruiting. Period. He’s probably already DM’d it to 50 kids and their parents.

    Those are your players. I hear TV guys [say], ‘Wait until they get their own players in there.’ They’re our players. What do you mean ‘their players?’ The minute you sign a contract, they’re your players.
    “You didn’t choose me, I chose you. You’re mine, absolutely. I love you,

    Ha…which is why he honored all of the scholarship commitments and didn’t run anyone off through attrition? Stupid.



  4. I need a shower after reading that article and the Urban defenders in the comments.


  5. Just Chuck (The Other One)

    Even someone who’s guilty deserves a good lawyer. Especially true in this case where Boom ain’t guilty. Good for you.


  6. The other Doug

    Seems like Corch might be a bit frayed around the edges. Is that because of Harbaugh’s win or JT’s passing?


  7. JasonC

    I’ve said I wouldn’t shed a tear if Muschamp was hit by a bus today, but IMO Meyer is the biggest piece of shit in all of college football. I mean Sandusky probably topped him when he was still in the game and Briles and some of the Baylor players made a big push recently, but Meyer is just lying scum that deserves nothing by misery.

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  8. Scorpio Jones, III

    Boomer Sooner muthafuckah!!!!!!


  9. Derek

    Part of what makes guys like corch and sab(t?)an successful is that they have no time for being measured, reasonable or factual. What they do is right because they did it, period. Anyone who challenges them or questions them is wrong because they challenged or questioned them. Reflection, growth, modification is not possible. Only success for the sake of success itself is possible.

    I hope that our protege kept some of his soul intact.


    • Sides

      Pot, meet kettle. That is actually great insight. I sure hope you are successful, otherwise I would start becoming a decent person.


    • sniffer

      they have no time for being measured, reasonable or factual.

      I am no apologist for either man but I will say this about that. Most of what we see and hear is the press asking arcane, pointless and repetitious questions. Over and over, different reporters ask the same question, expecting different answers, apparently. I would get weary of it too, and probably respond rather irritated. They make a lot of money and it’s part of their job, I get it. Imo, Meyer is an ass. Sanan just seems constipated all the time.


    • UGA'13

      Sounds like Corch should run for president..


  10. 3rdandGrantham

    I wholeheartedly agree with corch here, and I’ll add to it – faking injuries or health issues drives me insane too. Particularly those who excuse themselves from sticky situations, only to miraculously return soon later to a new gig that is much more ideal.


  11. Hogbody Spradlin

    If you go back far enough, Corch threw the Zooker under the bus.


    • dawgtired

      Apparently these coaches are like politicians…they think we forget what they’ve said. Don’t they realize everything is recorded for review later?


  12. Compared to Dickhead, Boom is a Saint. Never thought I would say Boom is the good guy in a confrontation, but holy cow, Meyer got me to say it.


  13. Chico Dawg

    Derek’s point above is completely spot on. The Emperor and the Corch get to say whatever they want, it’s always right, and if you argue or disagree with what they are saying the rabid deranged cronies (fan base) bury your credibility. I love how Corch forgets that the year he got “sick” and quit at Florida, the team went 8-5. I’m sure that had nothing to do with his decision…which ultimately landed him the job at OSU.
    It is quite intriguing how the padawans of both masters often find difficulty in branching out on their own…Jimbo is an exception, but he was running FSU for a few seasons before Bobby was retired to stud. That, and the fact that Jimbo is a bit of ass cut in his own mold helps. Maybe the rest of the proteges get out before total prickdom takes over their frontal lobes…


  14. MGW

    What, does he think we believe some garbage story about how he just had to quit on a very talented team because he was dying? He just hated to do it?

    “Would have kept on rolling, but gee golly gosh I just wish I hadn’t almost died there just in time to take the Ohio State job. Dang! Awe man wish I could have kept coaching those guys. They were like my own kids, you know? Dang!”

    Meyer left a dumpster fire for next guy to clean up.


  15. HVL Dawg

    Like everyone on here bitching about Tyler Catalina for the past year.

    For the last 9 months I’ve been hearing how bad our linemen, specifically Catalina, were last year.

    Catalina made it to the NFL. He’s in the league.


    • ApalachDawg

      As a OG not a LT


    • Jack Klompus

      Yeah…take that Coach Meyer!


    • Cpark58

      Tyler Catalina is a big guy who moves very well for such a large human and that got him into the NFL. I really wished we had him for 4 years to develop earlier but early on in the season he was victimized as he got up to speed in the SEC. I don’t think it’s a personal indictment of Tyler Catalina or his talent as much he is a symbol of the previous regime’s lack of attention to roster management and commitment to recruitment in key positions.

      No big power 5 team, much less an upper echelon SEC team should be forced to rely on graduate transfers from Virginia and Rhode Island to step right in to start at the two most important positions on offense.


      • Irwin R. Fletcher

        Shorter version…there is a difference between Tackle and Guard. We didn’t have any tackles…so they had to play the best guards at Tackle…chaos ensued.

        We are still having to do it this year, too. Wynn is certainly capable at Tackle, but he could be all-conference at guard…and he isn’t an NFL tackle by any stretch. I think there is still hope that Thomas can move to the left side which would allow Cleveland to move to RT and Wynn to slide over to LG.


  16. ApalachDawg

    Why all the hate for Muschamp? He was/is a DGD?
    The dude can coach D.
    Shark boy better hope that offensive genius of his kicks in bc that D is gone to bail his shark loving ass out this year.


  17. SemperFiDawg

    Meyer told CBS Sports. “It’s like a new generation of excuse. …”

    Coming from the man who feigned a heart ailment as an excuse to leave his last job to take his current one.


  18. South FL Dawg

    Not the first time Urban uses the media to his advantage.


  19. Hogbody Spradlin

    Says the man who angrily threw his headset to the ground, when the QB he said was like a son to him threw an interception in the 2009 SECCG. Yes sir, its all about you Corch.


  20. Mayor

    Well I don’t agree that Boom fixed the culture problem at FU. The Gayturds are still a bunch of criminals just like they were when Urban was there. 10 players got suspended last week for committing fraud.


    • Macallanlover

      So far, there may be more as the investigation continues…..and that doesn’t even include Callaway’s continuing sheet show. He is the punk that keeps on giving, some talented players you can do without.


  21. Heyberto

    I hate when coaches say things they actually didn’t. I remember Urb’s reaction to this –

    So by that rationale, I’ll sit back and wait for his retraction for Boom.