Let’s go to the tape.

Several of you mentioned the video clip of the highlights from last week’s Notre Dame-Temple game.  Here it is in all its glory:

Certainly it’s truncated, but there are a few observations worth sharing.

  • If there’s one thing you can see over and over, it’s that Temple’s defense needs to work hard on tackling fundamentals.  If Georgia whiffs as much as the Owls did, it’s going to be a long afternoon.
  • Wimbush looks exactly like you’d expect an inexperienced quarterback with a load of physical talent to look.  Keep him in the pocket should be the day’s mantra.
  • I really like Notre Dame’s tailbacks, though.  Might as well face the reality that they’re gonna bust a few good runs.
  • And, yeah, that offensive line is pretty damned big.  They also had a nice uncalled hold that sprung Wimbush for Notre Dame’s first touchdown.
  • Hard to draw a lot of conclusions about ND’s defense.  Temple appeared to move the ball in spots, but not consistently.  How much of that was due to the defense and how much to a quarterback that had almost no playing experience is hard to say.




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16 responses to “Let’s go to the tape.

  1. Bright Idea

    I watched the first half only last night. We have a chance if we control the QB running game. Temple’s fullback threw some crushing blocks. Will Payne play a lot?


  2. Justin Perez

    I don’t want to eat my words, but Wimbush didn’t look that impressive. He’s clearly a supremely athletic QB, but he never looked all that confident throwing the ball.

    If we stay disciplined against the QB read, I don’t see how Wimbush makes us pay with the pass. Many of ND biggest plays last week were a combination of broken down QB runs and terrible LB play by Temple.

    The step up from Temple’s LBs to our phenomenal crew should be a shock to their system. Hopefully that lasts for four quarters.


    • Irwin R. Fletcher

      Key is our ability to keep them under wraps with the front 7. This is the game where Roquan Smith and the rest of the LBs can absolutely win the game for the Dawgs. However, if they can’t do it…and the safeties start creeping up to help…that’s when I have visions of Wimbush making long throws on the run.

      When I think about how UGA wins…my thought is that the national media catches on that we’ve got three first rounders in the front 7 (Smith Carter Thompson LLP) and that the D comes away as the ‘story’ along with the fact that Notre Dame’s defense didn’t magically learn how to stop the run just by changing DCs.


  3. Charlottedawg

    I’ve always felt one should never read too much into the opening game especially if it’s against a cupcake. I still remember 2010 when we thought we had this awesome defense and pass rush and that Grantham was our savior only to lose the next 4 starting with Marcus Lattimore running through us like shit through a goose. I’d go as far as to say we don’t really know for sure how good we or Notre dame are.


  4. Jared S.

    the narrow steep staircase “tunnel” for the visiting team is a riot
    their mustard yellow pants clash with their awesome golden domes but overall I’ve always loved the simplicity and classic look of their unis
    Wimbush doesn’t look that fast on tape. Until he does. When he turns it on he looks incredibly fast.
    Josh Adams looks weird. I mean a 6’2″ 220lb back is kind of weird. Right? I know Henry and Fournette were tall, but Adams looks a lot more lanky than they do…. I read a quote yesterday where Adams said he didn’t know anything about Georgia being known for RBs and he hadn’t heard anything about Chubb and Michel. Lol. I doubt he’s serious, but if he truly doesn’t now, he’s about to find out….
    Mike Tirico seems like a nice guy and all. But I can’t stand listening to him call a game. It has nothing to do with what he says. It’s his delivery. Sounds like the goober DJ on our local classic rock radio station.
    Wimbush’s INT in the 3rd was a horrible decision. Would love to see him throw at least one like that on Saturday – a nice lofty pass in what is essentially triple-coverage….especially since I expect Fromm to toss up at least one like that….
    I didn’t realize that ND has turf. Hmmmmm….

    ….wow most of my observations have nothing to do with the actual game. But there it is.


  5. Biggus Rickus

    I didn’t see anything frightening (aside from some of the defense played by Temple). That said, i also have no idea if Georgia’s offense is particularly frightening either.


  6. MGW

    Based on that 20 minute clip and the recruiting ranking comparison you posted, I’d say their O-line is a concern for us. They look good and based on rankings, are talented.


  7. Mayor

    No snark with this question: Where are the game officials coming from and particularly who are the video refs? ND is notorious for home-cooking.


  8. Bob

    If Officials names begin with Mc,or O’ it might be a frustrating day!


  9. Yurdle

    That was also a masterclass in holding. Wow. Two touchdowns with pretty blatant grabs.

    That big receiver with the long name I can’t spell looks like a player. Let’s not have a linebacker cover him, please.

    Big Trent could make a real difference. If they are bouncing runs because we are strong at the point of attack, we might just win this one.


  10. Watched a lot of this on Sat. They looked better the first time around. Not impressed with their O-line. They had to hold all day. Trent is going to eat their lunch and hit the QB so hard his girlfriend dies. They do have good RBs but good lord, Temple had terrible LB play. You could drive a truck through those holes. Hard to really judge those runners from that.


  11. PaloAltoDawg

    Their quarterback is mobile w/ a live arm. They seem to know how to get their playmakers – the tight ends and the big receivers – one on one, which simplifies the reads for the QB. The QB did stand up against repeated hits from Temple. I agree w/ the comments on the tackling however mostly what I saw is superior players on offense from ND just beating their opponents and a scheme that leveraged these mismatches. All in all, I’m less confident now than I was before rematching the highlights.