Not the Year of the Quarterback we were expecting

At 217.25, Vanderbilt’s Kyle Shurmur’s passer rating leads the SEC and is fifth nationally.


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  1. The other Doug

    Which team is DFL nationally in average passing yards given up per game?

    I’ll give you a hint, he’s an asshole and will not let this stand.


  2. Reinmart

    Can anybody stop the Commodores? Vandy is also top 5 in total defense.


  3. Bob

    Fan base was awesome. It was an incredible weekend. Spent Friday afternoon and much of Saturday on the ND Campus. Went to Mass at the Basilica on Saturday afternoon with 30% of the attendees in Red and Black. At the Rosary it was more like 50-50. Every Georgia fan I talked to was so impressed on how ND takes pride in its heritage in a very classy way. It is a beautiful campus and I have never seen a more gracious and helpful bunch of people than theirs. Before, during and after the game I got nothing but inquiries if we needed help. And they were full of praise for the Georgia fan base.

    I thought the game was sloppy, but I didn’t see any cheap shots or taunting by either team. I give Kirby a lot of credit for cleaning that part of our program up.

    Two things…two simple things. THIS WEEKEND is what College Football is all about. Home and home against big name opponents should not be a once in a lifetime event. Not saying we have to play 4 Power 5 non conference games, but we need lots more of this. Everyone from both sides loved the setting and atmosphere. Sitting in college stadiums with tight bench seating, where you get to know your neighbor is great. Playing in stadiums like Notre Dame or Sanford or Ohio State or whatever beats the hell out of playing an occaisional game in some Pro Stadium that changes its name every other damn year.

    Second, I hope Georgia fans in Athens are equally gracious in two years when the Irish come down. People talk about the arrogance. Hell, I met nothing but great people and a school that displays their history with grace and dignity. We might not have the tradition that they have, but we have a lot more than we display around our stadium. We might take a few tips on how to recognize some of our legends.

    Huge kudos to one of the most memorable weekends I have had. Thanks to ND and their fans and a special, huge Hooorah to Dawg Nation for a hell of a turnout. Krypton in the 4th period was amazing.

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  4. Bob

    Old age is a terrible thing. Sorry, I posted on wrong thread. Duh.


  5. Macallanlover

    I worry more about a Vandy team that plays well on both sides of the ball more than SC, and perhaps TN and FU. I am very happy that Mason made it through the tough first years, they began to turn it around some last season and look even better this year. Good for Mason, he seems to be a guy who does it the right way.


    • According to Sagarin, Vanderbilt’s played the 218th-ranked SOS so far. Too soon to gauge how well that team is playing.


      • Macallanlover

        Too early to judge anyone confidently, I agree. Especially too early to use Sagarin, whose computer program doesn’t have enough interaction overlaps to become valid until at least game 6 or 7, if then.

        But I saw enough of Vandy last year last year as they beat both UGA and TN, plus played others closely. Shurmer and Webb are back on offense, and looking better. Mason’s defenses play stout, but more importantly, he has those kids believing. Not saying they will make a run at the East, but I also don’t see any team in the East who can afford to take them lightly. They will play a role in who plays in Atlanta, if they stay healthy.


        • Don’t get me wrong, I think Mason’s a damned good coach. I just have a hard time believing Kyle Shurmur is a top-five college QB. 😉

          Fair point on Sagarin. MTSU beat Syracuse last week, so they can’t be that awful. (Considering Alabama A&M lost to newly reconstituted UAB, they may be that bad.)

          Vanderbilt’s about to play four straight ranked teams. We’ll have a better idea shortly.


          • Macallanlover

            Agree, I don’t think Shurmer is a 1st round pick either, and I see Vandy as a legit, capable spoiler more than a team that should cancel their current plans for a surprise trip to Atlanta in early December.