Popcorn will not be served.

Ole Miss’ hearing in front of the NCAA Committee on Infractions begins today.  Sad to say that one requested observer isn’t being allowed to attend.

COI chair and Xaiver University athletic director Greg Christopher denied an August 16 request by Mississippi State to have officials from MSU attend the event “as observers.” Christopher states MSU requested to attend the event “to guard the interests of one of its student athletes [Lewis] who will attend the hearing,” per language from Mississippi State counsel.

There is one slight concession made with regard to Lewis, though.

Christopher stated that representatives from the Southeastern Conference would be permitted to attend “to support the student athlete [Lewis].”

Mississippi State declined comment. The Southeastern Conference declined comment, but confirmed that the league would have representation at the hearing as part of its standard procedure when a member institute goes in front of the NCAA COI.

MSU isn’t the only disappointed party, either.

Parties representing former Ole Miss head coach Hugh Freeze, former Ole Miss defensive line coach, current FAU defensive coordinator Chris Kiffin, and the university itself requested access to materials related to a NCAA investigation into claims by Mississippi State linebacker Leo Lewis that he received cash payments from boosters for MSU. The request was also denied by Christopher.

Man, you had the makings of a first-rate food fight there and you cleaned it up.  Where’s the fun in that?


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2 responses to “Popcorn will not be served.

  1. AusDawg85

    SEC office to Lewis…”trust us son, we have your best interests at heart”

    This kid has no idea the size of the train that is ready to run over him.


  2. Mayor

    The SEC representative is going to be Hugh Freeze however. 🙂