SEC Power Poll, Week 2


Another mere two-loss week for the conference.  Lots of cupcakes tends to lead to lots of winning.

  1. Alabama.  Wake me up when something exciting happens.
  2. LSU.  Spotted an FCS opponent three points, and then rolled to a 35-point win.
  3. Georgia.  How far can you go on the shoulders of an elite defense?  We may be on the verge of finding out.
  4. Tennessee.  Team Trash Can whupped up on a hapless Indiana State.
  5. South Carolina.  Boom goes your SEC East leader, peeps.
  6. Auburn.  Eleven.  Sacks.  Allowed.  Dayum, Gus.
  7. Mississippi State.  They haven’t played anybody special so far, but at least they’ve looked good doing it.
  8. Vanderbilt.  Ditto.
  9. Ole Miss.  Last week I wrote, “Shea Patterson makes this team watchable, but I can’t help but wonder how long the party lasts.” Nothing’s changed.
  10. Florida.  By virtue of the unscheduled bye week, the Gators remain the only winless team in the SEC, and the only one underwater on point differential.
  11. Texas A&M.  Tied with Nicholls in the fourth quarter?  Georgia feels your shame, dog.
  12. Arkansas.  Throttled by TCU, and you have to wonder if Bielema will ever make the Hogs into something more than an SEC West also ran.
  13. Kentucky.  Easily the conference’s least impressive undefeated team.
  14. Missouri.  Hey, Tigers, you were minus-3 in turnover margin and gave up a 97-yard kickoff return, so it only makes sense to fire the defensive coordinator the next day.


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15 responses to “SEC Power Poll, Week 2

  1. I hear there is grumbling on the Plains about Gus. I wonder if anyone is fueling up the jets in greater Phenix City to visit someone in Louisville.


  2. Got Cowdog

    I had the exact same thought about Nichols and TA&M.


  3. Go Dawgs!

    At some point Nicholls really has to look into applying for entry into the SEC, don’t they? They stink against everyone else, but they sure play well against SEC opponents.

    Nicholls wants Bama!

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  4. Uglydawg

    I thought Notre Dame looked very slow against the Dawgs. The game against MsSt will tell the tale. We need Eason to get back and get back with poise.


  5. Russ

    LaTech had 3 and goal from their own 7 yard line. 93 yards to go! Where do you go in the playbook for that one?