“As long as we win the game,” he said, “that’s all that matters.”

In case you were wondering, Nick Chubb is cool with Jim Chaney.


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  1. AceDawg

    Chubb showed more burst in the App State game and looked a little more like 2016 in the ND game. He doesn’t run AT the defenders in the open field as much to absorb the defenders and bounce off of them like he did early in his career, and he doesn’t try to just explode to the line of scrimmage on some of his carries, which sometimes looks like the best approach vs. trying to be patient for a still not impressive OL.


  2. Timphd

    Love Chubb. He has moved into the top three dogs of all time for me.


  3. Dave

    I think that’s about as close to frustration as Chubb will ever get, publicly. I wonder if, with Swift appearing to be a very capable backup, we’re doing what we can to save Chubb for later in the season. I know that sounds wrong, given how close the ND game was throughout, but it’s hard for me to envision any other logic.

    That game, while big from national perspective, obviously means nothing in terms of winning the east. If Chubb is that much less worn down for Tennessee, Florida, Auburn, and others, then it might mean the difference between a win or loss if those are tight.

    Again, not saying it makes perfect sense, but I can’t come up with any other reason for his lack of touches in the 3rd quarter or second half as a whole.

    But, as he succinctly put it, as long as we won the game, that’s all that matters.


  4. Mayor

    Not running Chubb and Michel enough is the reason we only won by 1 point. Chaney almost lost us that game.


    • Eh, I wasn’t happy with the touches, either, but it’s only fair to point out something Butt wrote in his piece:

      … In the third quarter and following Lorenzo Carter’s sack, forced fumble and fumble recovery, Chaney dialed up the perfect play-call – a deep post pattern to one of his faster wide receivers.

      No, it wasn’t a perfect throw, but it was a catchable ball. And Hardman, who is still learning to be a better pass catcher since he didn’t play receiver at length until this past spring, dropped the ball. If Hardman catches the pass, it’s easily a touchdown. And Fromm’s stat line jumps from 141 to 196 yards.

      Fromm, from the Georgia 26-yard line in the second quarter, had another deep ball to Hardman, on a wheel route, that just fell incomplete. For the sake of argument, since the ball landed around the Notre Dame 40, let’s say if Hardman’s able to get it, you’re talking about adding 34 yards to the stat sheet. Then you’re talking about Fromm having 230 yards.

      Fromm also had a 48-yard pass that was just overthrown to Godwin. If Fromm’s throw connects, you’re looking at 278 passing yards. You’re also looking at a lot less criticism directed toward Chaney. You’re also looking at potentially softening the box and opening up more runs.


      • Yurdle

        I read that piece, and he’s not wrong with the what-if analysis, but Fromm was just as close to throwing more picks as he was throwing more touchdowns. I’m not critical of him: he is ahead of schedule but still 18.

        But the decision to throw to set up the run seemed to be implemented too much.

        Chaney was good, not great. That was enough and may keep being enough for a while.


      • I agree Senator, I think Chaney did a pretty good job. Everybody had been beating on Chaney for running into a stacked box. So he does all he can to loosen things up while dealing with a true freshman QB and people beat on him for that. I’m not a Chaney fan, but I think he did OK against ND.


  5. Spence

    I know I’ll get run out for saying this, but Chubb isn’t the Chubb he once was and I don’t know that we’re going to get him back. I’d love to be wrong. But he doesn’t plant a foot and blast upfield and he doesn’t break many tackles anymore. Honestly, he still looks timid sometimes.

    I love Chubb more than any player in a long time, and I know this new scheme isn’t the same for him, but he’s not the same dude.


    • I meant the same yesterday when I commented about Cubb not looking good. Nobody was saving Chubb for anything in the ND game. He just wasn’t running like the Chubb of old. Right now I think he is the #3 back, as hard as that is to believe. I hope it was just a confluence of weird shit and Chubb will run for 250 against MSU.


  6. Russ

    Chubb has always gotten better late in the game, like most big backs. Limiting his touches and then not using him late in the game against a tired defense is dumb.


    • Mayor

      I know that we have multiple good RBs but I am for designating Chubb the starter and playing him the whole game using Michel to spell him when he gets tired. Chubb needs to be carrying the ball 20-25 times a game. Michel needs to get the ball 10-15 times a game. The others are young players who have to wait for their turn and get a carry occasionally. And yes that means running the ball (including screens and dump-offs) 30-40 times a game.


      • AusDawg85

        It’s ok to platoon this many great RB’s, especially early in the game to keep the D off balance. But you’ve got to go with the hot back who is wearing out the D by the middle of the 3rd Q if the score permits it. Sony was actually that back vs ND, but Chubb can pound away as long as you’ve had enough balance and misdirection to keep the D honest. This is a nuance and skill of an OC to read the flow of a game. Not sure Chaney sees things the same way but is more dedicated to his situational play sheet. System guy. That’s why I like former QB’s for OC since they have a real feel for the action on the field.


        • AusDawg85

          Just rewatched the 2nd half and want to backpedal a little. We really did feature Chubb and Sony in the second half and had a great misdirection play with Swift. Just too many big penalties, OL miscues and Fromm and his receivers failing to connect a few times kept us from opening up a more comfortable lead. Chaney may be finding an identity for this O after all if he can just get them to execute and minimize mistakes.

          Still like a QB as OC though.


  7. 1smartdude

    First, I’m as happy as as been in three years with the way the team LOOKED on the field. The offense could have been much better and it WAS the play calling. Alright, we weren’t getting a lot of push in the run game but both Chubb and Sony are very good in space if you hit them with the short pass. It’s also an easy throw for an inexperienced QB. So much less pressure than finding guys open 40 yards downfield. You simply have to get Chubb his touches, period.


  8. Hillbilly Dawg

    Chubb is toeing the company line. Team player. He deserves more carries.