Name that caption, a moment of reflection edition

I’m betting most of you come up with some variation of a catty comment about Jim Chaney.


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41 responses to “Name that caption, a moment of reflection edition

  1. Erk's Forehead

    Forget it, Jake…it’s Titletown.


  2. Russell "Rusty" Moody

    So dude, ah where you Fromm?


  3. Normaltown Mike

    Fromm: So this has all been a cover story for your future career as an FBI agent?

    Eason: yeah bruh


  4. kalamazoodawg

    Dude, look at my hair. PLEASE let me wear your helmet!


  5. ChiliDawg

    “Don’t get used to this.”


  6. Leggo5

    Eason – Just chuck it somewhere toward Godwin
    Fromm – Aieet…Can do


  7. Irwin R. Fletcher

    “Gandolph and Frodo”


  8. Squatchdawg

    Eason: I thought you’d be taller

    Fromm: Big game today, thanks for dressing up.


  9. silverbritches

    Eason: So I’m thinking of going to the halloween party as the big lebowski unless you’ve already taken it, but I’d figured you were doing the whole khaki pants/state farm thing.

    Fromm : no worries on teh big lebowski, I’m going to dress up as QB1 this year.


  10. Mayor

    Eason: Coach Chaney invited us over to his house for dinner tomorrow night. You going?
    Fromm: Hell no! He serves fattening food and I’m trying to watch my weight!


  11. mwo

    Your turn to be the savior!


  12. Irwin R. Fletcher

    In other news…the link goes to a Chip Towers article where he uses a passive aggressive tone and the whole ‘aw shucks, what do I know…but as long as your asking, these guys are dumb’ routine to criticize the coaching staff.

    I love this line…

    So let’s give props where they’re deserved. Fromm did a pretty good job amid some very difficult circumstances.

    The difficult circumstances he’s talking about are the PLAYS and FORMATIONS! He’s basically saying…good luck, kid. You’re coaches are terrible.

    Anyway, it’s typical AJC to try to find the negative angle on a great win, but it’s always worth acknowledge a master when he has honed his craft to perfection.


    • Russ

      Re: the negative spin
      I was catching up on some ESPN articles on the game and Schlabach mentioned that is was Georgia’s “second ever” victory against Notre Dame. Gee, we’ve only beaten ND twice, like EVAH?? I wonder why?


  13. Jack Burton

    Eason: you know a large majority of the fan base still thinks I’m the best option
    Fromm: LOL
    Eason: LOL


  14. Chico Dawg

    Fromm; “Dude- I get you are hurt and all, but you could’ve at least taken a shower…you smell like a urinal cake at a Tijuana asparagus plant.”


  15. Hogbody Spradlin

    That tall boy needs a shave and a haircut.


  16. TnDawg

    “Crazy hair….out of a QB job…You going to the Halloween party as Kaepernick?”


  17. Dawg19

    Fromm: “You always double down on eleven, Baby.”


  18. truck

    Eason: “…and the guy in the leprechaun outfit.”

    Fromm: “You win. You actually found fifty fans who could call a better game than Coach Chaney.”


  19. Squatchdawg

    Fromm: if the Safety cheats left I think we….

    Eason: Bruh ….check out my hair.


  20. Julie

    Eason: Have at it, pal. I’m going to sit with your mom.

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  21. Noonan

    Bulldogs OC still searching for bacon cheeseburgers.


  22. Eason: Doesn’t it look like Coach Chaney has put on a few lbs.?

    Fromm: I think he must have sneaked out of the hotel and ate 3 stuffed pizzas in Chicago at midnight last night.


  23. AusDawg85

    That awkward moment when you realize you no longer like your teammate.


  24. AusDawg85

    Bruh…you left your neck in the locker room.


  25. Hal Welch

    Dude, we’re both screwed when this wild-dawg thing catches on…


  26. JCDAWG83

    Eason: OK, so two scoops of red PowerAde, that’s how you like it?

    Fromm: Exactly, you’re doing great, keep it up.


  27. RandallPinkFloyd

    The number of you that care about Eason’s hair/appearance and think that it actually correlates to his ability is baffling.


  28. ugafidelis

    I told Coach C I wasn’t a running quarterback.


  29. Hobnail_Boot

    “Jake Superior. What’s mine say?”

    “Less than Jake”.