You don’t have to understand ESPN’s stats to mock them.

According to Mickey’s Power Football Index, college football’s top team as you read this is Ohio State, fresh off a pounding — at home — by Oklahoma.

Methinks your computer needs a tuneup, fellas.

Just remember that the next time some wayward troll decides to spout G-Day QBR numbers at you in the comments.


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11 responses to “You don’t have to understand ESPN’s stats to mock them.

  1. FisheriesDawg

    It seems silly, but we would have thought the same thing after they got thumped at home by Virginia Tech in 2014, no? Maybe the algorithms see something none of us can?

    Or maybe it’s just silly to execute a mathematical formula with so little data available.

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  2. old dawg

    That damned pesky Ohio State…thank God somebody beat them…if you don’t put two losses on them, Herbstreit and Delaney will have them in the playoffs…sure as death and taxes

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  3. That should embarrass ESPN after the thrashing the Buckeyes took at home from OU.


  4. Giovanny MacArthur

    You forgot about the Herbstreit weighting.


  5. Hillbilly Dawg

    Herbie spiking the coffee. Cause that has to be alcohol related.


  6. Steve Moore

    What is more telling is on ESPN’s website there are two tabs, FPI and “:Team Efficiency”, for Offense, Defense, and Special teams, OSU ranks 23rd, in Team Effeciency, which is a much more accurate ranking for them


  7. Saltwater Dawg

    Also has an Auburn team with no offense ahead of LSU.


  8. AceDawg

    The best part of all is that the various ratings numbers twist and turn each and every week, providing a forever moving target that nobody ever can fully compare reality to. I cannot imagine the preseason predictions do as well as a generally knowledgeable football follower.