Kindred spirits

Aaron Murray sees some Aaron Murray in Jake Fromm.

He also doesn’t shy away from what might eventually be a quarterback controversy.

So what happens when Eason comes back? That’s the increasing question around the fan base, and perhaps the coaching staff. Murray’s opinion: It depends on when Eason is ready to return, and how the team is doing.

Murray mentioned the Florida game: If Georgia is 6-1 entering that game, or even 7-0, it would be hard to change quarterbacks.

“I think a lot of it is going to depend on where they are as a team. If they’re rolling and they’re winning, and things are going smooth, I don’t think you want to disrupt the ship. Especially at that position, if Fromm’s playing well,” Murray said.

“It’s going to depend on the timeline: When he’s going to be back, and how well they’re playing. If things are going rocky, and Fromm has been up-and-down, and the team feels confident that Eason’s healthy and is ready to roll, I’m sure they will go back with him.”

There is some logic to that… especially when you consider what happened the last time Georgia benched its starting quarterback for the Cocktail Party.  I suspect Eason will be back before Florida, though.



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24 responses to “Kindred spirits

  1. DB

    Do you mean you think he will be back and starting or just available?


  2. Dolly Llama

    All I know is that when Eason is healthy again, I sure will feel a lot better with Fromm second on the QB depth chart instead of Ramsey. Hell, if Eason ends up second on the depth chart behind Fromm, I’m STILL happy.


    • Macallanlover

      And that is how UGA fans should feel. It doesn’t matter what jersey number leads us to wins, or their class standing. We haven’t had two available QBs this good since Greene/Shock were in Red and Black (unless you count Murry/Zett in the spring game.) Both of these five star QBs are capable, just need the OC to catch up.


      • gastr1

        And frankly, if Eason does get the nod, they should try to get Fromm in on occasion just to get him the experience and keep him warm, IMO. I can’t see it hurting to keep a fire on Eason’s tail.


  3. The other Doug

    The WLOCP seems a long time for Eason to be out. I hope Murray doesn’t have some insider information.


    • The Truth

      That’s the silver lining: Eason doesn’t HAVE to rush the injury, give himself time to fully heal. The question is WILL he if he feels his job is in danger.


  4. Ken Dixon

    If we’re 7-0 and the offense is “meh”, they will give Eason his job back. Looking at our schedule, that’s very possible if the defense is what it looked like it could be last Saturday.


  5. CB

    Fromm is 20 lbs heavier than Murray (can probably take more punishment), but he’s also about a half second slower when he runs the 40, so don’t be expecting many Murrayeqsue long runs out of him.

    I will agree that I do see one similarity in that Murray, even as a senior, would have probably had about the same type of production against that Notre Dame defense as Fromm did on Saturday as a freshman. Let’s hope that trend does not continue.


    • … Murray, even as a senior, would have probably had about the same type of production against that Notre Dame defense as Fromm did on Saturday as a freshman.

      Fromm’s passer rating Saturday was 100.49. The only game in 2013 Murray didn’t reach 100 was against Vanderbilt, when he didn’t have a receiving corps or Gurshall.

      Are you knocking Murray, or praising ND’s defense to the skies?


      • CB

        I was talking more generally with reference to turnovers in high pressure situations.

        However, Brendan Douglas had slightly more ypc at Vandy in 2013 than Chubb did at ND on Saturday so that tells me either ND was pretty good on defense or Vandy was worse than their top 20 defensive ranking on that night. Murray also had two current NFL guys, Conley and Reggie Davis to throw to in 13, plus two TE’s that spent time in the NFL.

        Plus, it was Vanderbilt with their 2 and 3 star recruits.

        Like I said…


    • Murray would have had the same production even as a senior?

      That’s one of the funniest lines I’ve ever read here. Murray as a 5th year senior would have carved that defense up like a Thanksgiving turkey especially with Bobo in the box compared to Chaney.


      • CB

        Your hyperbolic appeal to the stone isn’t as convincing as you might think.


        • I’m not trying to convince you. I’m just telling you I disagree with your opinion with an opinion of my own. That ND defense didn’t hold a candle to those defenses Murray played as a senior … USCe, LSU, Missouri and Auburn.


          • CB

            Auburn and Mizzou weren’t even top 50 defenses in 2013. Your opinions aren’t supported by reality. Get off my line.


            • Once again, what does that have to do with anything? ND’s defense likely won’t be a top 50 defense by the end of the season.

              On the topic, I thought Fromm was solid. Sure, he made a couple of mistakes, and his stats would have been better with some help from his teammates. I just disagree that his performance was the equivalent of a 5th year senior with 4 years of starting experience. We’ll just have to agree to disagree.


              • CB

                “Once again. What does that have to do with anything?”

                ^^ First of all, you haven’t asked me that question in this discussion so what’s with “once again?” Second, ND’s defense is currently ranked higher (significantly higher in the case of Auburn) than two of the defenses you named from 2013. So how do you not see the connection to this discussion? I literally took what you said and showed you that it is factually incorrect which would have everything to do with this discussion.

                In the future try hitting a quick google search before posting specific references.


      • CB

        On second though I have to give you credit for the holiday pheasant analogy. Now I’m convinced that you really know your Georgia football. Plus, we all know how great Bobo was which is why he commanded such a large salary compared other OC’s nationally… Wait, is that right?


        • What does Bobo’s salary have to do with anything? Everyone knows McGarity was taking advantage of the alma mater discount and his loyalty to CMR until CSU gave him a head coaching opportunity. You want to look at someone’s career record and determine how good they are? Why then hasn’t Jim Chaney ever sniffed a head coaching job in his 20 years as an offensive coordinator?


          • CB

            I’m not a Chaney guy at all, but if Bobo was as good as you say he would have been getting offers from other programs which would have caused Georgia to pay more in order to keep him. That’s simple economics. Your alma mater discount is complete conjecture unless you think the allure of Colorado State’s great tradition was enough for him to betray his roots and take a HC salary that adds up to less than what Jon Chavis makes as DC at A&M.


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