Ladies and gentlemen, your 2018 schedule

Well, it is what it is.

9/1 vs. Austin Peay

9/8 at South Carolina

9/15 vs. Middle Tennessee

9/22 at Missouri

9/29 vs. Tennessee

10/6 vs. Vanderbilt

10/13 at LSU

10/20 – BYE

10/27 vs. Florida (Jacksonville)

11/3 at Kentucky

11/10 vs. Auburn

11/17 vs. UMass

11/24 vs. Georgia Tech

That may be Georgia’s worst non-conference schedule of my lifetime.

On the other hand, I’m smelling a nice-looking road trip to Louisiana there.



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58 responses to “Ladies and gentlemen, your 2018 schedule

  1. TnDawg

    Add Memphis University in there somewhere and you’ll be playing the entire state of Tennessee.


    • rchris

      I like playing MTSU. It raises their profile a bit. Maybe someday they become a strong enough program that they steal an occasional recruit from the Vols.


  2. Otto

    Baton Rouge is looking like a fun trip wish McGoofy would schedule a P5 OOC game.


  3. Ken Dixon

    How the heck have we avoided playing Texas A and M for so long?


  4. Russ

    I’ve been to LSU a few times and it’s fun. LSU fans are great before the game, and if they win, after the game. If they lose, not so much.

    I haven’t been to Mizzou yet so I may hit that one instead. Looks like I have a couple of good choices for the western swing, though.



    I like it , breather before GT….LSU on the road, Carolina back early, bye before the Jorts…you can’t play 2 power OOC teams every year on the road and expect to meet your goals of winning a MNC.


    • Otto

      I would hope for the P5 OOC game to be at home when UGA visits CMR field at Bobby Dodd Stadium and away or at a neutral site when UGA hosts the Nerds


  6. Was really liking SC in October rather than September. They always seemed to circle that one 9 months out and play above their talent level.


  7. AusDawg85

    UT, Vandy, Auburn and 3 cupcakes. If I was every going to jump back in on season tickets, this might be the time as I sense a lot of them will be abandoned and might get some decent seats again.


  8. illini84

    And I hae to decide wether or not to work and additional 9 months so I can get my f/s tickets for 2019. I’m scheduled to retire next August but I don’t get tix in retirement!


  9. Biggus Rickus

    They played Buffalo, FAU, Georgia Southern and Tech in 2012 and Louisiana-Monroe, Southern, Georgia Southern and Tech in 2015. Are those better, especially 2012?


  10. No sarcasm zone

    Looking forward to the home and home with Austin Peay. That trip to Clarksville will probably be as anticipated as the trip to South Bend.


  11. Bob

    It wouldn’t be so bad if this year’s home schedule was better. I know we have scheduling challenges with the “neutral” site game and Tech, but I would rather have gone for another home and home with a decent program (Iowa, Utah, Pitt etc) than that Atlanta game with UVA (Sorry Senator).

    Wish McGarity would go out of the box. Talk to the Military Academy and see if they would do a 2 for 1 with Army. Still pretty much assured of a win. Feel good opponent. I have been to West Point many times and believe me, going on the Plain over the Hudson has a feel very similar to ND did this weekend. Beautiful campus, history seeping out of those grey buildings and nice, if small Michie Stadium. New York City even closer than Chicago was this past weekend. Friendly and respectful fans an d so much history on the post.


  12. watcher16

    That’s the smell of corn dogs in the air!


  13. Southernlawyer11

    I’m prepared to go to my grave believing we should drop Georgia Tech like 3rd period French. I’m in the minority but I don’t care. It is one of the weakest, half-ass in-state Thanksgiving weekend rivalries on the calendar.


  14. Ginny

    Looking into Airbnb’s in Baton Rouge as we speak. Who knows when we’ll travel there again and I’ve never been. Bucket list item for sure.


  15. Dante

    I like the idea of playing South Carolina after they’ve already given up on the season. I was hoping that would be a regular thing.


  16. 3rdandGrantham

    Exactly. Plus early September in that hell-hole known as Columbia is just slightly hotter than Mercury.


  17. Hogbody Spradlin

    Oy, BYE is better than a couple of the games on that schedule.


  18. Paul

    So, another year of only two home games worth attending. And they wonder why season tickets didn’t sell and the cutoff score was literally the price of the tickets. Once again the fans in the seats are their lowest priority. We just saw what happens with a compelling matchup. Why bother to try THAT again?


  19. Hobnail_Boot

    Until and unless the league goes to an to a 9-game schedule, I’m fine with even years having bad OOC games. We willingly give up a home SEC game to play in Jacksonville so this makes sense.


    • rchris

      Very important is to play a weak OOC schedule the years we play Bama or LSU as our cross division rival. Either of those teams would give us a strong enough SOS to make the playoffs as one of 5 teams with an 11-1 record or better. Why overburden the team when you don’t have to?


  20. Hillbilly Dawg

    Didn’t we kick the sheizer out of LSU the last time we were there?


  21. 83Dawg

    Call up Miami (NOT the one in Ohio) and schedule a home and home with them. That could be fun. As far out as college games are scheduled, Richt will have retired by game time, so that should not be an issue. An away game at the beach and played in the Hard Rock (or whatever it is called by then) could be fun.

    We used to play each other back in the day, from time to time. UGA leads the series 7-4-1, but the last time we played I was in kindergarten (if that) and I don’t remember the game at all, to be honest.


    • Biggus Rickus

      The weirdest thing to me about that last Miami team Georgia played is that they lost to mediocre FSU and LSU teams while tying Tulane, but managed to beat two of the three best teams in the SEC in Georgia and Florida.


    • rchris

      I like it. A stronger Miami program hurts Florida and FSU’s recruiting, while not appreciably hurting ours, a net gain for us.


  22. Soccer Dawg

    Made my hotel reservations in BR this morning. After watching ND game on TV I resolved to attend at least one good away game each year until I have covered the SEC.
    On another note: I received but have apparently lost my Vandy tickets. Anyone have tickets they wish to share?


  23. rchris

    The UMass game is a nice touch. We have virtually no chance of losing yet it gets us ink in the Boston region, raising our national profile a bit.


  24. Missouri is a nice trip, if early in the season. Went to a November game there and froze my butt off(it has grown back). Went once in early October and very, very, nice. Fall colors are excellent in the area.
    As someone above had, check out Air BnB for Baton Rouge.


  25. hailtogeorgia

    You must be smelling the corn dogs.


  26. CB

    Even worse than 2012 with Buffalo, FAU and GA Southern. I guess we should be thanking our lucky stars that we actually have a set out of conference rivalry with Tech or else ULM and Troy would have probably gotten thrown into the mix as well.


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