Musical palate cleanser, be still, my heart edition

I’m bustin’, Jerry, bustin‘.

The Replacements have announced a new live album, For Sale: Live at Maxwell’s 1986. The two-disc set features their legendary performance at the Hoboken, N.J. venue. It’s due out September 29 via Rhino and includes new liner notes from Bob Mehr, author of Trouble Boys: The True Story of the Replacements, as well as never-before-seen photos from writer and photographer Caryn Rose. Mehr writes in the liner notes, “More than 30 years after the original concert, Replacements for Sale finally offers high-fidelity proof of the peculiar alchemy and unadulterated majesty of one of rock and roll’s greatest bands.” Check out the full tracklist below, and listen to the For Sale rendition of “Can’t Hardly Wait.”

I sure as hell can’t wait.



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10 responses to “Musical palate cleanser, be still, my heart edition

  1. budro

    Bootlegs of this show have been floating around for a while. The full set is every bit as good as you’d hope it would be. “Trouble Boys” is a great book.


  2. Tommy

    In related news, we lost another great today, Grant Hart. If you never followed his post-Husker Du work, hit Spotify and do yourself a service.


    • hassan

      Ugh… I know he had a history of drug issues and lived hard, but still too young.


      • Tommy

        Eff cancer.

        To tie this all together, here’s an anecdote a musician friend of mine posted yesterday on Facebook:

        my favorite grant hart story: one time we played a show in san antonio with grant and the american people…there was talk of a party at jeff smith’s house, so we all headed over there. when we got there, it turned out to be this really great family get-together… i think maybe it was his parents’ place afterall? or some other relative… anyway, a woman was cooking food and there were kids hanging out and it wasn’t at all what i expected, but it just felt right. SO, we’re hanging out in the backyard having a beer and one of these kids (probably 16 yrs old) is hanging with us. at some point, someone alludes to the fact that grant is from minneapolis/st. paul. this kid chimes in and starts telling us that he recently discovered a band from there called the replacements and asked if grant had ever heard of them! haha… we were dying inside wondering how grant would handle the question. he was great, of course. never mentioned who he was, but said that yes, he actually knew those guys and that they were a great band. but he tacked on a comment i’ll never forget, alluding to bob stinson… he said “i haven’t seen one of them for a very long time.” it flew right over the kid’s head, but it was pretty intense.


    • garageflowers



  3. Chadwick

    Being honest about it the were a band that a live album probably can’t adequately capture. I’ve see them countless times and no record can capture the drunk, sweaty, heartfelt beauty of that band live.


  4. hassan

    There is a Mats project online that aggregates hundreds of shows. Several are good quality from the board.

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  5. Dawg Vegas

    It may be a line from Trouble Boys, not sure now, but I think the most accurate description of the ‘Mats is “they were the little band that could. But didn’t.”

    I saw them a bunch of yes I’m Athens and Atlanta back in the day, and loved every time. They even sounded good at the GA Hall show in the Tate Center, and it was weird to see them where you couldn’t buy beer.

    I’ve heard clips from this upcoming release, and am really looking forward to owning it.


  6. Raleighwood Dawg

    While I’ll admit that their self-destructive behavior prevented them from becoming much more popular than they are/were … imo, it’s hard for any other band to compare to the ‘Mats “holy trinity” of Let It Be (1984), Tim (1985), and Pleased to Meet Me (1987). Saw them quite a few times with their varying degrees of inebriation. Here’s a pic of my concert ticket from their first show that I attended. I’m sorry that I didn’t get to see them live before Bob departed the band.