You had to be there.

Five days later, I’m still amazed at the size and strength of the Georgia crowd in Notre Dame Stadium.

Maybe that helps you understand where Nick Chubb was coming from with this:


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  1. Athens Dog

    I usually have a line of people outside my office asking work questions. This week it’s been to ask about Bulldog nation in South Bend. Universal smiles.


    • AusDawg85

      I usually have a line of people outside my office asking work questions.

      Should I have put out that fire?
      Where’s my check?
      Why is the IRS agent out front?
      You didn’t tell me I could use that equipment on my own over the weekend, right?
      Can we get a latte machine?
      Can I have tomorrow off…there’s a concert I want to see and I have to get ready?
      Do we have insurance for this?



  2. Every time I see that video of Krypton, it still amazes me how many many Dawg fans got into Notre Dame Stadium on Saturday night. What floors me more than that is how many Irish fans were willing to give up their home field advantage to allow it to happen.

    Good work, DawgNation, good work.


  3. Russ

    Since I don’t travel to Sanford that often, I hadn’t seen the cell phone trick. I honestly thought it was a Notre Dame thing because the entire stadium, except for the ND student section, lit up. There’s a better video out there that shows the entire stadium.

    Oh, and I f’n hate piped in music. And they blared that shit right up until snap almost.


  4. Derek

    Greatest in person, live experience in my life as a Bulldog. The only way to top that would be winning game 15 in January.

    I’ve seen us win in Knoxville, t-town twice, Death Valley, the Barn and Jax and nothing has approached seeing us fucking take over the house that Rockne built and coming out with a win. No road, regular season game will ever top that. Always proud to be a small part of Dawgnation, but especially when it recognizes and represents like that.

    I gotta feeling we’re gonna have a lot of fun over the next few years. Keep those credit cards handy. We’re gonna need them.


    • WF Dawg

      I’ve been thinking about where this game ranks among all the ones I’ve been to, and the only game that I’d put ahead of it was the 2002 SECCG. (I wasn’t at the 2005 one.) The ND game was that special. And I say that as someone who sat in the ND student section, one of only about 3 red shirts in there. I had to keep my celebrations low-key, but once I made it out into the concourse, I let loose with all the other Dawg fans. It was joyful, jubilant, hopeful. For one perfect night in South Bend, we believed that all of our money, time, and faith in the Dawgs were more than rewarded and that our team might go on, in time, to accomplish anything. Who knows if that impression will remain. But for those glorious minutes in the afterglow of a 20-19 nail-biter, it was strong. I think we enjoyed that game so much because we’ve been starved for that feeling, and once you have it again, it’s absolutely intoxicating.


      • Dawg19

        WFDawg, that is a perfect summation. I was there with some buddies and we will never forget that feeling of celebrating in the stadium. I have seen some Georgia fans on blogs writing, “Why are so many Dawg fans estactic over beating an also-ran like Notre Dame?!!?”.

        My answer: “If you weren’t there, you wouldn’t understand.”


  5. I know people don’t like our intro music, or any piped in music, but at least our intro music isn’t riverdance. It can always be worse.



    More night games to come BABY!!!

    Kirby is on it.