“It just means more” can be so complicated.

The SEC twisted itself in knots over where and when to play last year’s Florida-LSU game, so, naturally, the AAC managed to reschedule five games without a hitch in the wake of Hurricane Irma.

It’s not that it’s rocket science, then.  It’s that most SEC ADs are assholes.



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5 responses to ““It just means more” can be so complicated.

  1. Macallanlover

    Boy, you said a mouth full there Senator. Florida’s true colors were flying high last year as they rejected multiple, reasonable attempts to play LSU with minimal disruption. Sometimes you have to adjust and keep moving forward, they did everything possible to help make a train wreck out of that situation. And Sankey was a total wimp, as usual.


    • Mac, you misspelled the name of the SEC commissioner. It’s $ankey.

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    • Sankey has badly failed in his first two crises as commish with the LSU / Florida situation last year and allowing Ole Miss / MSU to turn into a full nuclear war. Makes you really appreciate how Slive was able to keep the relative peace for so long.


    • Careful Brad

      Absolutely right! I don’t understand how nationally LSU was assigned blame for Foley refusing any compromise until it might cost them a chance to play in the SEC Championship.


  2. Your last sentence nailed it!