Low pressure system

Just for funsies, here’s your stat of the day.

Yeah, small sample size means small sample size.  Still, you can see they’re making the effort to keep Fromm out of harm’s way.


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9 responses to “Low pressure system

  1. Cojones

    Would love to see the same stat massaging for the last three years, not now, but would have loved to have seen them during earlier years. Had to be a hoot!

    The more stats I see from Tenn and Auburn, the more distrust of stats in general and especially the total yards posted by Tenn.


  2. Fromm seems to have a quick trigger (can be good or bad). I think this also shows Chaney and Co are scheming a game plan to make it easier for him to find quick reads and release.


  3. JG Shellnutt

    Also, give your kid a “J” name.

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  4. Anyone else slightly worried about Nauta now? Fromm and Woerner are tight and Nauta and Eason are attached at the hip in the downtown scene. Senator mentioned earlier this week Nauta shaking his head on one third down play…

    Mostly just jawing on a Friday afternoon, but I’d be lying if I said it didn’t cross my mind.


  5. Sanford222view

    Hope Stidham has those shoe laces tied tight. Wouldn’t want him to trip with all that scrambling he is having to do.


  6. Jack Burton

    Sure, keeping him out of harms way but he also knows how to not hold onto the ball.


  7. Dawgholio

    Stidham has turned into Stidbologna