Patience, grasshopper.

The irony is pretty thick here.

Of course, Bert does have a bigger paycheck as consolation for that.  Maybe that’s what Jen was crowing about.


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  1. Puffdawg



  2. Chris

    Bert grew his paycheck and waist line…


  3. Bert has proven to be an abject failure in Fayette-nam and looks like he should be jealous of Jim Chaney’s waist line (or lack thereof).


  4. Jared S.

    In other news… I’m attending an industry association conference and met a UF fan. He was weird and annoying. The end.

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  5. Huntindawg

    I don’t get it – Was Bert forced out at Wisconsin or otherwise treated badly there? I thought he voluntarily left for perceived greener pastures?


    • mdcgtp

      Well that was what was so odd about her Karma tweet. They left on their own. I think there was some bitterness on both sides as Bielema tried to spin his move as tied to lack of an adequate budget for assistant coaches, which Arkansas remedies.

      Ultimately, he is not a very effective coach, and his program’s identity seems to be inconsistency, which is a formula for being fired in the SEC. that said, his out of conference record against other P5 programs is atrocious. So maybe ihe is not set up for success in any league. If I were Jeff Long, I would make it a point to say hello to Jeremy Pruitt next week.


  6. Mayor

    Jen and Bert are still together? Who would have thunk it?


  7. dubyadee

    I really enjoy watching the offense at Arkansas when things are working and would have been happy if Smart had been able to hire their OC (his first choice).

    That said, you can’t be surprised that things have not turned out well for him. The SEC West has humiliated better coaches in the last ten years.


  8. 92 grad

    I think the team would respond to Bert much more favorably if Jen were to be the new OC.


  9. Cojones

    Haven’t seen your weekly admonition/reminder to pick in the Office Pool, Senator. Looks low by a quart (about 50) and the more that stay in, the more I don’t look so bad with my picks.


  10. Bonzdoc

    Have. A lot of family in did. A lot of the fans up there were not sad to see him go. An issue between him and Alvarez among other reasons. Alvarez is a revered institution in Madison.


  11. Sam Johnson

    I lived in Madison during Bielema’s time as UW- Mad’s coach. He could have stayed forever. He was actually beloved if you can believe it, but two Rose Bowls will do that. He left for the money and the chance to coach in the SEC. He is making over $4mm at Arkansas while Chryst makes $2 mm in Madison – and this is a guy who is 23-6 so far. The Wisconsin way is to not pay big money to athletic coaches.

    I think Bielema truly believed he could win at Arkansas, be a hero there, too, and get paid. I wonder now if he ever misses Madison.