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Game day post, Samford edition

(Weiszer’s matchups to watch here.)

I can only think of two issues about today’s game.

The first is whether we’ll be treated to Nicholls, The Sequel.  Samford certainly has the resume for that.

1 Victory for Samford against an SEC opponent: The Bulldogs beat Ole Miss 7-6 on Oct. 20, 1934. Samford has a 1-34-1 record against SEC opponents. The Bulldogs tied Alabama 7-7 on Sept. 28, 1935. Since that tie, Samford has lost 30 consecutive games against SEC opponents. The Bulldogs visit Georgia on Saturday.

It’s hard to take Samford’s chances seriously today.  Add to that what would be an understandable emotional hangover after last week’s thrilling win in South Bend, and it’s not hart to extrapolate another struggle against a lower division squad.  I don’t think it’s gonna happen, but I’m not gonna lie and say I won’t be watching carefully to see if this team’s learned how it needs to approach every game.

Second issue:  does Georgia finally get off the under-40 points scored schneid?  The Dawgs haven’t cracked the forty-point barrier in a game since beating Southern 48-6. That happened on September 26, 2015.  I had to look it up, but, yes, that is currently the longest such active futility streak in the conference.  When you consider the production from some of the other SEC offenses, that’s pretty embarrassing.

That one, I’m not so sure about.

Consider this your invitation to a game day thread in the comments.



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Of rubber stamps and two ways

I don’t know if Seth Emerson’s piece about the toothlessness of the UGA Athletic Board was the 2017 version of Jeremy Pruitt’s calling out the athletic department over the lack of progress on an IPF, but this does seem like something more than a mere coincidence.

In the face of concerns that it is merely a rubber stamp for UGA’s administration, the school’s Athletic Board passed some changes on Friday aimed at giving individual board members more power.

The reforms passed at Friday’s regularly scheduled meeting, are aimed at adding some transparency and giving the board a bigger voice. The criticism has been that UGA’s Athletic Board was only there to sign off on whatever the administration wanted, rather than a source of feedback and discussion.

Board members were given the power to suggest their own items on the agenda for each of the board’s three annual meetings. The agenda items still have to be approved by the executive committee one week before the full board meeting.

UGA’s general counsel told the board this was nothing more than formalizing what was already what was in effect.  Given Seth’s earlier reporting, if that sounds like a rationalization of what’s happened, well, that’s what lawyers are paid to do.

What I’m most curious about is where the impetus for this came from and who green lighted the proposal.  Just as was the case with the IPF, I can’t imagine that McGarity had a sudden change of heart all on his lonesome.  Any little birdies out there with some insight to share?


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The blind side

Raise your hand if you guessed this.

I knew he played a steady game last week, but that’s damned impressive.


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