Of rubber stamps and two ways

I don’t know if Seth Emerson’s piece about the toothlessness of the UGA Athletic Board was the 2017 version of Jeremy Pruitt’s calling out the athletic department over the lack of progress on an IPF, but this does seem like something more than a mere coincidence.

In the face of concerns that it is merely a rubber stamp for UGA’s administration, the school’s Athletic Board passed some changes on Friday aimed at giving individual board members more power.

The reforms passed at Friday’s regularly scheduled meeting, are aimed at adding some transparency and giving the board a bigger voice. The criticism has been that UGA’s Athletic Board was only there to sign off on whatever the administration wanted, rather than a source of feedback and discussion.

Board members were given the power to suggest their own items on the agenda for each of the board’s three annual meetings. The agenda items still have to be approved by the executive committee one week before the full board meeting.

UGA’s general counsel told the board this was nothing more than formalizing what was already what was in effect.  Given Seth’s earlier reporting, if that sounds like a rationalization of what’s happened, well, that’s what lawyers are paid to do.

What I’m most curious about is where the impetus for this came from and who green lighted the proposal.  Just as was the case with the IPF, I can’t imagine that McGarity had a sudden change of heart all on his lonesome.  Any little birdies out there with some insight to share?


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10 responses to “Of rubber stamps and two ways

  1. gastr1

    What’s most intriguing to me is that McGarity seems to hop when the fans and the press get on his nuts even a little bit. He really is the classic douchebag tool. So little sense of self that he just aims to please whoever’s in his face at any given moment.

    Can we beat the drum a little louder for better football schedules?


  2. Will Trane

    Bet he is glad he is at Bama. What do you call that…a freaking damn “program”. Pruitt knew what he saw and was shocked. Just passing thru. He had been around Bama and FSU. When you have been in those programs it is a culture shock to come to Athens.
    What many of us have been calling the “wine and cheese elites” who knew nothing about D1 sports, period. Just dumb down, for the ride crowd. Can not tell or suggest to them anything. “They know better” is what they think of themselves. Piss on them. They ground all the UGA sports in the dirt. Think not?
    I am very guarded about the AD. Substandard! Look at the records of all sports at UGA since his arrival.


  3. Gaskilldawg

    I know I am a cynic but it appears to be window dressing. The executive committee can refuse to put any proposal on the agenda.


    • 79Dawg

      Correct – as long as the President of the University appoints all the members (which will be forever), the Board is simply a rubber stamp and this is window dressing.



    We need a new leader, bring on Billy Payne!!!!!!


  5. Russ

    My boss tells me my ideas will be fully considered, too.

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  6. doofusdawg

    Stinchcomb not there to be a paper weight. Good to hear about the tennis upgrades which is no big surprise. Kirby needs to keep winning to keep the comradery going.


  7. 69Dawg

    The Board is really a reward for the big money persons. They are not expected to really make suggestions. I’ve been on boards with “executive committees”and those boards made zero independent decisions. Executive committees are usually used to take the real power away from board.


  8. AusDawg85

    Wait…so it’s the big money players behind the scenes and not the board in charge? Really didn’t see that coming.


  9. Cojones

    Not to worry.

    We have contacts at the correct positions; the know-all-see-all-be-all, the secondary administration, the underground security system for all employees or fans of any organization aka the Administrative Assts. They are the open pipeline to sound waves emanating from a Bd of Regents’ meeting room with the door slightly ajar and supporting that sound wave directly into the waiting arms of Sports Media de Parro (accent sp for Perro). Those sound waves enter the computer language and are published for Gawd and everbody to see, read and hear. All other communications that the AAs are privileged to receive will remain in trust because that is their job and the AAs I’ve known were always loyal to their boss(es), but open sound waves across an office area are fair game for the multitudes. Eventually we will hear of the shenanigans and words of some who have their own interests above those of the fans and Alumni. Love of our University will eventually get the word to us all.

    Not to worry.