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“He is who he is and he does what he does well.”

This is the perfect encapsulation of Jake Fromm’s game last night.

“The young kid is starting to grow up, the quarterback,” coach Kirby Smart said. “He’s making better decisions. He needs to learn how to slide. Other than that, he’s getting better.”

Fromm completed 8 of 13 passes for 165 yards and three touchdowns. That slide Smart was referring to may have avoided the lost fumble on a scramble in the second quarter…

Fromm hit Riley Ridley on a deep ball for 47 yards and Terry Godwin for two touchdowns including a 51-yard scoring strike. They also hooked up on a 32-yard completion.

… Ridley said Fromm “got a little excited,” when he told him Fromm he thought he would beat his man on the post route.

Fromm plays without an ounce of fear, for better or worse.  It’s a fun ride, that’s for sure.

Last night, he wound up with a passer rating of 244.30.  (Not coincidentally, you have to go back to Greyson Lambert’s 2015 game against Southern to find a better mark.)  Fromm is now fifth in passer rating in the conference.  If the running game keeps up, I think the coaching staff would be thrilled with that level of performance for the remainder of the season.



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Today, in this is how SEC ADs roll

From Dan Wolken’s “10 observations from college football’s wild Week 3”, a play in four acts:

3. Recent head coaching hires in the SEC have leveled the playing field: A decade ago in the SEC, you had Urban Meyer at Florida, Steve Spurrier at South Carolina, Bobby Petrino at Arkansas, Mark Richt at Georgia and Les Miles (still at the peak of his powers) at LSU. The only school that can even think they upgraded is Georgia, and that’s still very much in question depending on how good of a game day coach Kirby Smart has. The SEC’s string of uninspired coaching hires has made the league ordinary outside of Alabama, to the point where a classic rivalry like Florida-Tennessee is an unwatchable disaster (at least until the final few minutes). Which leads me to…

4. Dan Mullen is the second-best coach in the SEC: You’ll rarely see a sideline mismatch as dramatic as what took place in Starkville, where Mississippi State de-pantsed No. 11 LSU, 37-7. As longtime NFL scout Chris Landry observed on Twitter, Mississippi State was one step ahead all night long on both sides of the ball while LSU looked like an undisciplined, poorly-coached team with nine penalties for 112 yards (including two defensive players ejected for targeting). In an SEC West where Auburn doesn’t look great, Texas A&M is a mess and Arkansas is yet to find its stride, maybe the Bulldogs are Alabama’s biggest challenger. Quarterback Nick Fitzgerald is a great athlete and he’s throwing the ball better than he did last year. Meanwhile, LSU looked terrible in Ed Orgeron’s first big test as the full-time head coach. If only there was some evidence in Orgeron’s past that this might be a possibility.

7. Tennessee fans deserve better than this: Set aside the way the game ended, with Florida’s miraculous 63-yard touchdown as time expired giving the Gators a 26-20 victory. Up until that point, the Vols were the better team except for on the sidelines, where Butch Jones and his staff botched the thing from top to bottom. The Vols should have taken control in the third quarter and were on the doorstep of the end zone several times. But the red zone playcalling was just atrocious, over and over again, including one third-quarter sequence when they ran four plays without giving the ball to running back John Kelly, who finished with 141 yards on 19 carries. That drive ended with an interception. And, of course, Florida’s winning touchdown was not defensive coordinator Bob Shoop’s finest work, either. This game, though, was merely a continuation of what we’ve seen from Jones his entire tenure. He’s a good enough coach to keep you from being bad, but he’s never going to make you great.

8. Jeff Brohm was a genius hire by Purdue: So can we agree that Purdue football is … fun? The Boilermakers absolutely destroyed Missouri, 35-3, and are a surprisingly salty 2-1 with a functional offense and a pretty decent defense. That’s a pretty big turnaround from last season, when Purdue went 3-9 and won just a single Big Ten game. Brohm brought in his high-powered offensive system from Western Kentucky, and it’s taken no time for Purdue to go from hopeless to playing some pretty good football. Again, kudos to athletics director Mike Bobinski for getting that hire done early and changing the entire trajectory of the program.

After the year, Mullen gets a raise, Booch keeps his job (barely) and Brohm is welcomed to [insert name of SEC program here] with great fanfare.  Tell me I’m wrong about any of it.


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The face when you’re tired of watching Gus’ Heisman Trophy candidates flop


Auburn quarterback Sean White was arrested for public intoxication early Sunday.(Lee County Sheriff’s Office)

We’ve all been there, brother.

I guess they could punish him by making him watch Auburn’s offense, but wouldn’t they have to let him off for time served?


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“There’s a lot of good teams out there and we’ve got a good football team.”

Why do I get the feeling there’s nobody happier about Mississippi State’s big win over LSU than Kirby Smart?

“It’s what you come here for,” said a particularly intense Kirby Smart after Saturday’s game. “We’ve got a great SEC opponent rolling in here. Every SEC team’s got a good program. I don’t take any of them lightly. They all have good players, good coaches, it’s the highest level of all. So you’ve got to be on top of everything.”

The Bulldogs’ reaction to the outcome in Starkville was interesting to observe. It varied. Some players interviewed soon after Saturday’s game was completed, denied knowing anything about it. Others acknowledged the result but claimed indifference. The veterans all espoused the lines about no games being any more meaningful than any others and just enjoying the present victory for now.

“We’ve seen the score,” said senior tailback Nick Chubb, who had 131 yards and two touchdowns versus Samford. “We’ve just got to stay grounded and worry about that tomorrow.”

… Asked what he thought of Mullen’s team, Smart gushed.

“Physical. Big. They have all kinds of ways to run the ball,” Smart said. “I don’t think I’ve ever played him when he didn’t have a running quarterback. It’s really hard to defend because your box count is never good. Dak Prescott, Chris Reif, he’s had all kinds of big, ol’ quarterbacks, and he’s got one now. He’s tough to defend because the guy can throw the ball, too.”

It sure as hell beats having to talk up the opponent’s long snappah.


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The Academy Award for most dramatic flop goes to…

If only Penn Wagers had been around to appreciate that fully.


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When one-for-two still works

The most heads up play you’ll see in a while happened yesterday.

The best part of that is how casual the refs are after the second attempt sails through.  “Good?… sure, why the hell not.”


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From crutches to cane to “hey, bruh”

Kirby Smart’s being coy about Eason’s health, but Eason’s moving without assistance here as he greets Justin Fields yesterday.

I’ve learned never to underestimate the healing powers of Ron Courson.


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Tale of the tape is telling

If you’re trying to get a handle on Georgia’s defense, might I suggest you take a moment to peruse this?


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The answer to a question I never knew to ask

Yes, Virginia, there is a perfect way to end a meteor game.

If somebody’s gotta win, at least do it in the way that inflicts the maximum amount of pain on the loser.  Mission accomplished.


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