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“How can you plan a roster or a team when every player is a free agent at the end of the season?”

If this is true…

There is much work to be done and any drastic changes to transfer rules across all NCAA sports are likely a few years away at least. But change is coming, and guiding principles already have been established by the university presidents who make up the NCAA board of directors.

One thing is clear: New transfer rules will be rooted in academics, according to a statement released last week by the Division I Council group working on the topic.

Students with better grades could face fewer restrictions if they want to transfer, and schools may end up with less control over where athletes go…  [Emphasis added.]

… expect the number of Alabama players taking calculus, advanced genetics and nuclear physics classes to increase exponentially.  If there’s one thing Nick Saban knows how to do, it’s work those envelope edges.


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SEC Power Poll, Week 3


It’s probably not fair to judge things this way, but the concept of “Kentucky, Mississippi State and Vanderbilt are 3-0” doesn’t exactly reek of dominance, SEC.

  1. Alabama.  The Nick Saban tongue lashing of the first media member to question his assessment of Vanderbilt’s greatness should be epic.
  2. Mississippi State.  Am I guilty of riding the hot hand here?  Perhaps, but you have to respect a team sporting a +45 per game point differential.
  3. Georgia.  The Dawgs are quietly going about their business.
  4. Auburn.  Between eleven sacks allowed the week before and a minus-five turnover margin this week, the Tigers lead the conference in eye-poppingly shitty team stats. It’s a good thing that defense is stout.
  5. Vanderbilt.  The Commodores, not Alabama, are your conference leader in points allowed.
  6. LSU.  For some reason, I have this vision of a future presser in which Ed Orgeron is introduced as Florida Atlantic’s new defensive line coach/recruiting coordinator.
  7. Florida.  The Gators lead the East, just like they drew it up.
  8. Kentucky.  Right there with Florida… for now.
  9. Tennessee.  When you give John Kelly the ball less than twenty times in a close game when he’s averaging more than seven yards a carry, you deserve everything that happens, Vols.
  10. South Carolina.  Losing to Kentucky was bad.  Losing Deebo Samuel was disastrous.
  11. Texas A&M.  Bringing the meh every week.
  12. Arkansas.  I suppose there are worse times to have a bye week.
  13. Ole Miss.  Between the NCAA investigation ravaging your program and your biggest rival (who you believe is just as dirty as you are, if not more so) riding a wave of success, this is turning into one especially crappy year to be an Ole Miss fan.
  14. Missouri.  Who gets fired this week?


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Getting buttah

Three stats that make me think things are heading in the right direction:

There is work still to be done, to be sure, but the best part of all is that we’re seeing significant improvement in areas that needed to be addressed, without any backsliding in other areas.  Sample size warning is still in effect, but so far, so good.


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Fabris Pool results, Week Three

Tiebreaker City this week, folks.  Kind of, anyway.

Selection Name
Tie Breaker Game
1 Mr. White Adj 9-1 9   28-35**
1 CParker Adj 9-1 9   0-0

As the saying goes, you can’t win if you don’t play.  Congrats to Mr. White.

On the season, we’ve got a new leader.

Selection Name
1 DvilleDawg 24-6 24
2 JustRunTheDamnBall 23-7 23
2 CParker 23-7 23


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