Down and out in Gainesville, Florida

The credit card case that’s surrounded a number of Gator football players appears to have legs.

The nine University of Florida football players who have been suspended indefinitely by the school for misuse of school funds, are also under investigation for credit card fraud, by two separate police departments in the Gainesville area, relating to an additional credit card fraud allegation.

Jordan Smith, a freshman defensive end, was suspended from all team activates after a report from The Read Optional that Smith had used stolen credit card information to pay rent at an apartment complex — around $1,000 dollars.

The credit card company blocked the charge, leading to an investigation by the Gainesville Police Department. Only one other player was initially connected to the Smith case — a separate case from the student aid fraud investigation (though the second player was involved in both).

Now, The Read Optional understands that several players have been linked to both cases.

Big, hairy legs.

The nine University of Florida Football players who are facing allegations of having misused school funds, could be arrested as early as the end of this week, sources have told The Read Optional.

Antonio Callaway, Jordan Smith, and one other player are likely to be arrested on charges of felony grand theft, with the possibility of further misdemeanour charges being tagged on, according to a lawyer representing one of the players. It’s anticipated that the other six players will also be arrested, but only three players have hired legal counsel thus far.

Man, has Antonio gone back to the Huntley Johnson well again?  If so, at least he hasn’t been high enough to lose that number.



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27 responses to “Down and out in Gainesville, Florida

  1. Spike

    Hogtown Vice!


  2. JasonC

    Are we out of Fulmer Cup season? Just think of the lead they’d have.


  3. The other Doug

    Tried to pay for his apartment with a stolen credit card. At least the he made it easy for the police to know where to find him….


  4. Dawg in Austin

    I’m starting to believe they may not play in Jacksonville, which would only make sense in this Bizarro-like world we live in today.


  5. 81Dog

    I bet Huntley won’t take a credit card from any of these alleged criminals to cover his fees.


  6. Cousin Eddie

    Wonder if the WWL has started a 30 on 30 about Calloway yet?


  7. Mayor

    You reap what you sow. Thanks Urban.


  8. AusDawg85

    Clearly Gus’ move yesterday was to open up 9 roster spots.


  9. W Cobb Dawg

    Meh, Callaway will get off. He was too stoned to be responsible for the credit card charges…


  10. Scorpio Jones, III

    You left out the important part. Sounds like maybe these guys won’t be around for cocktails. And, they beat Tennessee.


    • Cojones

      Friggin’ thieves. “Stolen” credit card means it could be one made under someone else’s identity – like mine. My card company bank snagged a trial usage by thieves in ‘Bama and Indiana (SEC fans?) for $3 and $10 respectively in April and May (security said they were testing with low amounts). In addition, a false address was given for a charge account opened in Tampa and therein lies a bigger problem (change of address does all kinds of shit to your credit) that requires more work between me and the credit reporting bureaus. Smartasses tried to open a credit account at the CIA credit Union in Alexandria, Va under my name and SS, etc. . Just received a notification that an attempt was made last month through BoA to set up a loan. It goes on and on.

      Hope those guilty will be prosecuted to the full extent of jail time for all the problems they caused innocent people and fans.


  11. 69Dawg

    Has UF made up with Huntley yet? Notice the ship hit the sand when that little honeymoon went bad.


  12. WF Dawg

    Somebody help my memory–wasn’t Huntley Johnson on the outs with UF over something? Have they mended fences, or is this latest story what happens when you don’t have Huntley on your side?


  13. Jared S.

    When I read details about this and the Ole Miss debacle and the Baylor sleeve the first thing I always think is, “Wow I hope nothing like this would ever happen at Georgia.”

    I hope we compete for championships as much most, I think. But I never ever want our program to be guilty of outright negligence, cheating, or a group of our players to be involved in such a large-scale crime that is a shame on the program and university.

    I like CKS as HC because I think he cares about integrity. Of course I have no idea if this is actually true, but so far it seems to be the case.

    All that to say, I care about winning but I care about integrity more. Integrity of our program, coaches and players. As soon as it’s evident that a coach or staff member or player has compromised this they should be fired/expelled immediately.

    Art Briles and Hugh Freez won big for their programs. I’m sure it felt great at the time. How’s it feel now? Was it worth it?


  14. Bob

    From a processing side I find it interesting that the GPD denied the “merchant ” the ability to file charges when ultimately they (as well as the card holder) stood to lose the transaction and/or get a chargeback request thereby losing the transaction. It seems as the GPD was almost running a screen/front for the perps. Just seems odd.


  15. Bob

    Read Optional? Does James Brooks own that tm?