The 2018 SEC football schedules

Georgia’s schedule next season hasn’t exactly been greeted with much enthusiasm.  But, as Brett McMurphy points out, it’s pretty par for the course, conference-wise.

The SEC formula: Why does the SEC usually have so many bowl eligible teams? Well, besides they have a lot of quality teams, they have mastered the best scheduling model in college football. All 14 schools have seven home games and 10 of the 14 only play four true road games plus one neutral site game; compared to other Power 5 schools that play five or six true road games. In 2018, only Mississippi State, Kentucky, South Carolina and Vanderbilt do not benefit from the seven-home, four-road and one-neutral game setup…

Best non-conference road game (excluding rivalry games UF/FSU, UGA/GT, USC/Clemson, UK/UL): Well, there are only four to chose from – Vanderbilt at Notre Dame, Arkansas at Colorado State, Mississippi State at Kansas State and Missouri at Purdue. The winner? Vanderbilt at Notre Dame. It will be Vandy’s first game in South Bend since 1995. Make the trip, if you can, Commodore fans.  [Emphasis added.]

Remember, folks, you’re in SEC Land, where it just means more.

By the way, kudos to Colorado State:  “Colorado State, coached by former Georgia offensive coordinator Mike Bobo, faces Arkansas and Florida in consecutive weeks.”  That’s after facing Alabama this season.  If I didn’t know any better, it seems like Bobo’s making a real effort to polish his resume in front of a lot of SEC athletic directors.


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11 responses to “The 2018 SEC football schedules

  1. SemperFiDawg

    I wish him the best. Really think he grew into an awesome OC before he left.


  2. sniffer

    Why does the SEC usually have so many bowl eligible teams? Well, besides they have a lot of quality teams,

    Asked and answered. Then he added more words. I have read this article in various forms, written by various people, many times. I don’t know if the SEC has more schools playing softer schedules than the rest, but playing cupcakes happens all over. I get his point. It’s been made many, many times.


  3. lakedawg

    Nick looked agitated that Bobo’s bunch scored that many points on his defense. Course Nocky always looks agitated. Glad we got The barn, vols and Vandy home next year otherwise that schedule is a yawner.


  4. Mayor

    Getting beat doesn’t polish anything much less your resume. Winning games polishes your resume. Lose a few in embarrassing fashion and Bobo may be looking for employment. Playing teams like Bama and FU on their home field is really asking for it. Now Arky….that’s another matter. Arky can be beaten.


  5. dawgman3000

    It will suck to have Bobo recruiting Georgia as the UT or Auburn HC.


  6. Sanford222view

    I don’t get why he is throwing out the annual rivalry games. The conference should get credit for playing Clemson, FSU, etc. every year (well…maybe not for Tech). 😉 Those schools are guaranteed a game every year against an out of conference Power 5 team that most years is a Top 30 team.


  7. AusDawg85

    Bobo simply knows who pays the best and can recruit kids to be playing against the best in some of the best venues. Smart Bobo.


  8. Saban did Bobo a solid by letting him keep the score respectable in the CSU-Bama tilt. But the ulterior motive there was to increase the odds that an SEC school will hire Bobo, giving Saban one more coach he can count on owning on a yearly basis.