Today, in be careful what you wish for

Evidently ours isn’t the only fan base that’s having issues with the in-game experience.

After the Gamecocks lost 23-13 to Kentucky last Saturday in their first home game of the season, a host of issues popped up from the team’s fans, including water pressure issues in Williams-Brice Stadium, long lines at concession stands and the volume of the music played by the disc jockey the school hired to play home games this year.

“I have received a lot of questions from you about our D.J. and the volume of the music,” Tanner wrote to fans. “Modifications will be made for the next game, and we hope that you can find the sound level more enjoyable. We will continue to monitor the impact of the D.J. as we move through the season and make adjustments as needed.”

At least Tanner felt a need to acknowledge the dissatisfaction.  His head football coach, on the other hand, doesn’t have time for that shit.

South Carolina coach Will Muschamp has a solution for the game day issues that caused athletics director Ray Tanner to send an explanatory letter to fans Tuesday morning.

“Winning can solve a lot of that,” Muschamp said.

The crap we’re willing to endure, in other words.  Of course, for Boom, only one thing really matters about this.

D.J. A-Minor played music before the game and during some breaks in the game. Many fans complained the volume was so low that the music could not be heard well. He was stationed on a stand in front of the section where the team’s hosted recruits sit.

Muschamp said the team’s recruits “seemed to like” the addition of a D.J. and the music selection.

Always be recruit… wait — fans were complaining the volume was too low?  ‘Cocks, you don’t realize how good you’ve got it.  Come to Sanford Stadium if you want your ears to bleed.


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37 responses to “Today, in be careful what you wish for

  1. Mayor

    In-game experience. Just another stab wound in the death of 1000 cuts now going on in major college football as its managers systematically kill the goose that lays the golden eggs.


  2. Spike

    Boy, Boom has quite the bedside manner. What a douche that guy is..


    • PharmDawg

      The difference between Bobo, Kirby, and Boom can be summarized thusly:

      Bobo will agree to fight in front of Allen’s Hamburgers;

      Kirby is too snooty to fight in front of a dump like Allen’s, he will only agree to fight in front of an upscale place like Five Guys;

      Boom will agree to fight five guys in front of Allen’s Hamburgers.

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  3. 79DawgatWork

    They only thought it was too low because they are used to Sandstorm being so loud it makes their ears bleed…


  4. Macallanlover

    DJ’s at college games when you have a perfectly capable band on hand….ugh! You can have the exact same experience at any strip joint or sports bar. It seems so GTish to me, like an out-of-this-country type experience I can see this happening up north, or on the left coast where pro sports rule the fall, but in the South? Make it more like not being in a stadium, then why would anyone pay to be there any longer?


  5. sUGArdaddy

    I’ll say it again, and no offense here, but if you think our stadium music is too loud, then you haven’t been to enough road games. We have the quietest music in the league easily. Clemson’s is deafening, and they use it strategically while the road team is in the huddle (legally). We need it to be louder. We need it be more strategic. We need it to be more high-energy and a lot less “jessie’s girl.”

    We are not trying to make fans happy. We are trying to win games (and create an atmosphere that helps us win games) and win recruits. Win more games and there will be plenty of fans there to be a part of whatever the experience is.

    Mic-ing up the redcoats wouldn’t hurt either. The whole munson montage is weird and energy-zapping because you can’t hear the band (playing one of my favorite renditions).


    • We are not trying to make fans happy. We are trying to win games (and create an atmosphere that helps us win games) and win recruits.

      So why are they charging me to attend games? The coaches get paid to win recruits, right?


      • sUGArdaddy

        You don’t have to go. There will be someone else in line to buy that ticket with enough wins.

        Here’s my point. For too many years, the idea around Athens has been just that…’go win the game, coach.’

        What if the coach(es) want to be in charge of everything to build the program the way they want. Recruiting is selling. And they are selling everything. The stadium. The atmosphere. The uniforms. The education. The relationships. The tradition.

        We have sneered at this, as if selling Herschel Walker and silver britches was enough. It’s not. That’s why we’re getting a new locker room. We do a lot of gameday things poorly. We have no signage in the stadium marking our championships save for some flags no one can read. We can’t even hear Brook Whitmire (or Munson’s voiceover) half the time. We don’t honor teams well. This past Saturday we ‘honored’ the 1992, 1997 and 2007 teams. Anybody think of any highlights we could have shown? Did most fans even know we recognized them?

        We played “jessie’s girl” karaoke after Samford cut the lead to 21-7. No wonder Fromm fumbled. We have no idea how to shift or roll with momentum using music and videos.

        I thought Notre Dame did a pretty good job, especially for a private Catholic school. We’ve gotta get better in this department, man. We are lagging waaaaaaay behind in the music department.


        • We played “jessie’s girl” karaoke after Samford cut the lead to 21-7. No wonder Fromm fumbled. We have no idea how to shift or roll with momentum using music and videos.

          Words fail me.


          • D.N. Nation

            The karaoke thing is always terrible. They pick the worst possible time to do it – usually after the other team scored and the fans are irked – and 75% of the time it’s “Love Shack.” Might as well be a mid-May MLB game.


          • sUGArdaddy

            You know that was sarcasm, right? My point isn’t that it caused Fromm to fumble, but that the mood was terrible at the moment and the karaoke only made it worse…and then we fumbled.

            How about karaoke after we score and are up big. Or no karaoke at all. That’d be fine.


        • Normaltown Mike

          I did like hearing “Congratulations” in the Notre Dame rotation (Post Malone is very un-midwestern and most definitely from the dirty south). As good as it is, though, it’s not going to get the D amped up for a 4th down stand.


          • 79DawgatWork

            We went into the Stadium shortly after it was opened, and I remember thinking they did have pretty good music for most of pre-gam and during the game.


            • Debby Balcer

              Me too the sound was much better this game. The sound on the mic of the girl who does the rebirth cannon awful though. At least they did Jesse’s Girl when the red hat guy was on the field.


        • Russ

          Karaoke? Oh man, I’ve really been missing out.


    • 83Dawg

      Re amplifying the Redcoats.

      I always wondered about that as well.

      The SEC allows it. I asked someone who actually knows a lot about sound mixing and setting up systems, and they said that it was possible, but a technical challenge that would require large amounts of money and a game-day staff of audio engineers and sound techs.

      Apparently, PA systems (like at Sanford) are fine for recorded music, and can be adjusted to a set-it-and-forget-it acceptable-level for speech, but aren’t up to the task of dealing with live music– especially since the Redcoats are loud enough to be heard over most of the stadium without amplification.

      We’re talking about a venue that still can’t figure out how to sell someone a coke in less than 15 minutes–I’m not holding my breath.

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      • 79DawgatWork

        If you have ever had the “pleasure” of sitting near the bottom in Neyland, they have huge speakers at the bottom of the stadium that point back up towards the stands that they run the band through. Rocky Top, particularly at that decibel level, will also make your ears bleed…


        • 83Dawg

          I wonder how they handle the timing issues?

          The further from the band, the more delay they are going to have to add to the output on each individual speaker bank or it and the live band is going to be out of synch and sound awful. And the amount of delay is going to change from game to game with the air density depending on the weather that day (not to mention rain and wind).

          Hmmm, going by your “ears bleed” comment, I guess they could just turn up the volume so much that you can no longer hear the live band at all, and only the amplified band via the speaker. They could also get the band director to have the band play at a lower volume level instead of blasting the song out.


    • Macallanlover

      And I will say it again, you don’t need a DJ when you have a band. Doesn’t work well in a club, or a stadium.


  6. JCDAWG83

    I wonder if Bama or Ohio State has ear splitting music piped into their stadiums? Their recruiting seems to be going well.


  7. Chunky A

    Gotta be where you sit, Senator. I am also in the east end zone and can hardly hear the PA and music at times. I thought Notre Dame was gonna make my eardrums explode….couldnt even hear the Redcoats at the start of the 4th qtr.


  8. Russ

    We’re just part of the studio audience anyway.


  9. AusDawg85

    Move the Redcoats to Meyers quad and mic them. Place Alexa’s under the seats and use it as wireless speaker system and ordering system for food. Amazon delivery drivers will get to the seats for PRIME members faster than you can go through concessions. Give the Redcoat seats to recruits and turn the new recruiting lounge into additional skyboxes.

    And some of you say the ability to charge more money is going to run out. Pffffttttt…..


    • Got Cowdog

      Aus, when I cross your music/ Bar-b-que mecca off my bucket list, I will leave behind a free drink at the tavern of your choice. That’s pure genius.


  10. I've Stopped Caring

    If I were a Cock fan, and I’m glad I’m not, any noise that replaced that “Sandstorm” techno crap, would be more than welcome.


  11. 69Dawg

    I can stand the music but that damn constant crowing of the Cock is without a doubt the most irritating sound ever. I actually turn the sound off on my TV because apparently ESPN thinks it’s unique.