Tale of the tape, quarterback edition

Well now, doesn’t this suggest a few things…

Okay, if you want a list:

  • MSU has even less of a downfield passing threat than does Georgia.
  • Fitzgerald is a less effective quarterback when the defense comes after him on the pass rush than is Fromm.  So much for the experienced guy.
  • Fitzgerald’s also been under pressure more often than Fromm.
  • Mississippi State’s bread-and-butter passing game is the short throw.  Guess it’s a good thing that Georgia has some inside linebackers who aren’t liabilities in coverage.
  • Bonus consideration:  Lorenzo Carter is going to be all over the place again Saturday night.


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31 responses to “Tale of the tape, quarterback edition

  1. DawgFlan

    I’ll take a helping of this yummy koolaid!

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  2. We may lose on Saturday night. History indicates we won’t (the Bizarro Dogs haven’t won in Athens since 1956). If the defense does its job as it did in South Bend, the offense takes care of the ball, and we play field position, we win … and we may win comfortably.

    I hope Tucker has something special in store for Fitzgerald on Saturday night.


  3. Southernlawyer11

    Bill Shanks (espn macon) and Bo Bounds (Jackson ms) were on the air together yesterday and both seemed to think this was “the game of the year” in the conference and one that “the SEC needs to be compelling and competitive.”


  4. I was struck by Fitzgerald’s success on the 10-19-yard routes. I assumed it would be worse, to be honest. The deep ball and % when pressured track with what I would have expected from him. He’s not a good passer and Mullens’ system makes up for that gap by using the run game to get WRs and TEs wide open.


  5. AusDawg85

    Very interesting test for the 2017 team and Kirby’s Process Y2. We really should not be overly concerned about MSU, but to be fair, this is a far better team they’re bringing to Athens than I can ever recall. That said…we’re the better team, better athletes, and at home. A win here is perhaps not critical, but really important for that “next step forward” we’re supposedly taking.

    I’m not naive enough to think CKS doesn’t know this, and is going to have the team more than ready. I think we win with D and will witness some really interesting coaching decisions if Eason is ready to play with a brace on. I would expect to see both QB’s in that scenario and for that to be the plan going into the game.


    • Hillbilly Dawg

      methinks you’re o to something 85′ …I am quietly optimistic, but my LED Munson meter looks like it’s playing at a rave. at least I have a fresh bottle of WL Weller.


      • Mayor

        I love Weller.


          • Stoopnagle

            Dammit. Now everyone is going to be buying up the McKenna and Old Medly. WHY CAN THERE BE NO SECRETS?

            Although I sort of have to laugh at the “budget” picks. One of them is the Willet 80? Yeah, good luck!!! Any list telling me to go find a BTAC bottle? OK. Sure. I’ll take that leap into fantasy land.

            I’ve learned to love Four Roses and then pick up a special bottle here and there to keep until I’m ready for a good pour. The bottom line on bourbon for me:

            Is it consistent and ubiquitous? Awesome.

            Weller is a fine bourbon – in total agreement. Was better when it was $10 a fifth at 5 Points, but that ship sailed a long time ago.


            • Hillbilly Dawg

              Evan Williams 7 year old is a bargain. Don’t forget the Larceny either. But Blantons is on the bar when I can sneak a commission check past the wife. But I’ve got a good source for Weller at $16.99 and I always get a bottle or two of the 12 year old every November just in time for the WLOCP; now that’s special for sure. No. I’m not saying where I get it either.


  6. kfoge

    I’m not a big Buck Belue fan (radio wise) but listening to him on 680 now….he says he has UGA winning 31-13 … only thing to derail that would be Fromm playing his worst game yet with turnovers, etc. I would love a 31-13 win.


  7. kfoge

    Also, I keep hearing/reading about the battles between MSU’s D vs Fromm and UGA OL….then UGA D stopping Fitzgerald…however, what is the analysis of MSU’s OL? Can we get a lot of pressure with just 4, and occasionally 5?


  8. Cojones

    Somewhere in the memory box there’s a warning concerning QBs that throw a lot of short yardage passes. I think it started with Boise State and continued through each team that completed umpteen short passes that led to 3rd down conversions, etc. . Wish that they had been tracked so that I could get this feeling of impending problems off my back.

    On the side, how were we feeling going into the Ole Miss game last year with virtually the same bunch? I won’t get past this until we have played two SEC games this year.


  9. AceDawg

    I’m legitimately worried/excited about this game. Fitzgerald and the MSU attack are likely a bit “tougher” than MSU, and Fitz could power through some UGA tackles for 5 yard gains instead of 1 yard losses as Wimbush did in similar scenarios for instance, and you never know if that makes enough of a difference in this kind of game. Still, ND has more overall talent than MSU, and we all know MSU is riding high off of an LSU Paper Tigers victory. We don’t know if Kirby Smart is a great head coach yet despite things looking up this year, but we would all put a lifetime ban on eating Chick-Fil-A on the line for a six pack of Miller Lite that Kirby is superior to Orgeron. The Dawgs need to also worry about the OLine giving Fromm some protection in the passing game (I think that is a bigger deal than run blocking because we have big boy RBs that know how to slug out at least a few yards whereas a flustered or struggling Fromm could spell doom.) All in all though, I think something like 27-17 UGA sounds about right. Our defense is better on paper and in reality than LSU’s, and that’s nice to say out loud.


  10. kfoge

    I also heard Buck Belue say that MSU had lost like 20 of 21 against LSU and that they were so amped up and possibly blew their load during that game and can they bring that same emotion and energy on the road. MSU will not catch UGA by surprise. I am probably 62/38 comfortable about UGA winning.


  11. MGW

    Hugely underrated game, nationally. Shaping up to be a barnburner.


  12. Sanford222view

    I guess my question would be, “how does the LSU defense compare to the ND defense?” Those are the only quality opponents either team has played thus far. Although, I would say App St. is better than either of the two MSU has faced. Did MSU really shred a quality defense? We know the Tigers have talent on that side of the ball but was it more LSU making undisciplined mistakes or MSU playing that well on offense?

    My concerns are :
    1) How the interior of Georgia’s OL handles MSU’s interior DL.
    2) Georgia’s D containing MSU rushing attack
    3) T. McGhee having to play rather than Malcolm Parrish.


  13. Sweet D

    Never mind that 6-14 is 42.8%, not 35.3%.


  14. Faulkner

    CBS must be kicking themselves for giving away this game.


  15. Yurdle

    i think we are discounting Fitzgerald’s experience. Might be huge on Saturday. Solid coach + experienced QB + emphasis on great line play + big game confidence = hella hard match up.


  16. Jared S.

    I don’t know if much should be inferred from these stats. Sample size is much to small.